Cleaning Office 365/Teams Sprawl with Cloud Governance

We’ll show you how to find and remove sprawl to improve security and productivity

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  • 30 minutes


Ron Delaney

Training and Development Manager, Customer Success, AvePoint

Fight Sprawl Smarter, Not Harder

Cloud Governance is great at ensuring that sprawl doesn’t happen in the first place, but what if you have some pre-existing workspaces that need review and clean up? Or, what if you’d like to do a quick review of workspaces to ensure everything is working like it should?

This is the webinar for you!

We’ll first identify, some common scenarios that are considered sprawl and how they impact your operations. For example: ownerless Teams, inactive Teams, or Teams with unknown purposes.

We will also show you strategies using native Office 365 capabilities for identifying sprawl scenarios, especially high impact scenarios involving public Teams, Teams with external users or Teams with sensitive data.

We cover a lot of ground in 30 minutes, don’t be late!

We’ll walk you through step by step in the Cloud Governance UI on how to:

  • Easily import these Groups and Teams into Cloud Governance to allow your automated enforcement controls to go to work.

  • Create additional provisioning or lifecycle policies you may want to consider in Cloud Governance if you find sprawl

  • Ensure digital workspaces are archived appropriately

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