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Office 365 Groups automatically give your team everything they need to collaborate and work together more effectively. Don’t just take our word for it.

101: Office 365 Groups Fundamentals

Coming up empty after searching “Technet Office 365 Groups”, or even crazy phrases like “how to decide when to use SharePoint and Yammer and office 365 Groups and Outlook and Skype?” Try our simple 101 course; your new Office 365 Groups user manual.

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What Should I Use in Groups, and When?
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201: Considerations & Best Practices When Activating Groups

You know the differences between Office 365 groups vs distribution lists, SharePoint vs Groups, Groups vs Yammer, and even Microsoft Teams vs Groups. But what about their integration points and best practices before you enable Office 365 Groups?

Behind the Scenes of Office 365 Groups with Microsoft
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301: Office 365 Groups Administration

Are you tired of looking at the Office 365 Groups roadmap, hoping for native solutions so you don’t have to disable Office 365 Groups before you get started? Tired of only finding Office 365 Groups PowerShell commands for solutions? This is for you!

Why is it important to control Office 365 Group creation?

“All Office 365 users can create Office 365 Groups by default. An admin might want tighter control of Office 365 Group creation and prefer that not everyone can create them.”

- Microsoft Support

Management Tools for Office 365 Groups


Managing Office 365 Groups

Learn how to stay in control and successfully deploy Office 365 Groups with AvePoint.

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Backup Office 365 Groups

Learn how to backup Office 365 Groups and restore files and conversations quickly with AvePoint.

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