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Through customer engagements, we have identified six of the most practical and impactful use cases for Cloud Management that will allow you to capitalize on your Office 365 investments.

Office 365 offers extensive and expansive productivity benefits. However, getting caught in tedious and redundant administrative tasks, is something that happens too easily and too often. Learn how you can simplify and automate those redundancies.

For example, lets say you have to move content from one tenant to another to adjust the structure within your environment. To do so natively, you would have to download/upload or run copies via Powershell - resulting in a higher chance of human error. However, with Cloud Management, the process is a simple drag & drop resulting in time saved.

Join AvePoint's Strategic Consultant, Wendy Henry, as she walks you through the top 6 use cases that benefit your organization and guarantee a return on your investment with Cloud Management.

  • Reports

    Easy IT Audits

    Respond to IT audit requests with a full report on content, users, and configurations - all through a single pane of glass.

  • Screen Search

    Fixes in a Flash

    Search for, bulk select, then edit security and configurations. Automate policy enforcement to make corrections for you.

  • Storage - Migrate

    Move & Groove

    Shift content within or across Office 365 tenants for migration, consolidation, or adjust information architecture.

  • Centralized

    Consistent Designs

    Compare and deploy design elements, customizations, and workflows to ensure consistency across sites and workspaces.

  • Secure

    Secured Sharing

    Restrict access to and sharing of SharePoint Online sites, Group team sites, and OneDrive for Business content.

  • Sync

    Handy Content

    Keep content synchronized within or across Office 365 tenants—or publish select content based on metadata or properties.

Meet the Expert

Wendy Henry Headshot

Wendy Henry

Strategic Consultant

Wendy Henry is an accomplished technical author, consultant, educator and international conference presenter. Specializing in Microsoft since 1998, she has over 29 years of IT industry experience consulting with Government and Fortune 500 companies from various industries to cultivate solutions that employ technology to its peak potential according to business needs. Her background in finance and business analysis gives her a unique perspective on the overall fiscal and operational impact of systems integration in today’s business environment. She holds several professional and technical certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Linux, CompTIA, and PMLG, as well as technical training certifications. A published technical editor and author, Wendy has contributed to multiple books, white papers and guides for several manufacturers including Microsoft, EMC, AvePoint and more.