Business data is growing and grow – but is it adding value or just collecting dust (and overage fees)?

Since 2016, business data has grown tenfold. As more and more data is collected, stored, and managed, businesses now find themselves facing significantly higher data storage costs—and even costly overage fees. Ask yourself: is the cost of holding on to your digital clutter really worth it?

AvePoint Cloud Archiver can help sort through the clutter, getting rid of data that’s redundant, obsolete, or trivial and archiving large items you don’t access regularly. After all, there’s no sense in paying for something you don't – or can't– use.

In this virtual lab, we’ll discuss how AvePoint Cloud Archiver can help you manage the costs of data storage, covering topics like:

  • Eliminating pesky storage overages
  • Building rules for lifecycle management
  • Leveraging policies to optimize storage
  • Monitoring archiving progress while it’s at work
  • Plus - New product features that can help soft breakup with your data
Christopher Purdin
Christopher Purdin

Technical Account Manager, Customer Success, AvePoint


When it comes to large videos and images, duplicative files and folders, and outdated data, it’s time to redefine the old adage use it or lose it:

if you aren’t using your data, it’s time to lose it.

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