Improve the Efficency and Efficacy of Your Scans!

Compliance Guardian can help your organization identify and prevent the intentional or accidental exposure of sensitive information to unwanted parties.

By following a few best practices, you can save time and enable the platform to better automatically identify and act on sensitive content and risky behavior.

Compliance Guardian is also a powerful and extensible tool! We’ll show you how to apply what you have learned to additional target sources such as websites and Office 365 (and why you would want to do it in the first place!).

Don’t miss out, this is a must attend webinar for all Compliance Guardian owners and those interested in data protection and compliance.

In 30 minutes we will show you how-to:

Determine the top use cases for protecting data and mitigating risk
Pick an appropriate template, “test suite,” for your use case
Configure your scan plan and scope settings
Fine tune automated actions for setting alerts and quarantining violations
Analyze your findings and investigate/remove false positives
Ron Delaney
Ron Delaney

Training and Development Manager, Customer Success, AvePoint