How to Create Great Learning Experiences and Optimize Education Administration with Technology

How technology and advanced learning management systems can provide engaging content delivery and effective assessments in a digital format by leveraging Microsoft 365 and third-party solutions.

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The Future Of Learning Is Here

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a quick and dramatic shift upon education systems of all levels. Ensuring operational continuity and avoiding a disruption in students' educations became paramount, opening the door for technology to step in and create effective digital learning environments.

This is why solutions like AvePoint Curricula, a Learning Management System that leverages Microsoft Teams as its foundation, are so important to supporting learning wherever it takes place, in whatever language learners are speaking. Rather than being an inhibitor, these new tools give institutions of learning the opportunity to broaden their scope and reach out to more learners.

In this eBook we will dive into the ways in which technology based education solutions can bridge the gaps created in onsite and digital learning situations, simplify administration practices, reduce licensing costs, and safekeep student records across the entire student lifecycle.

Table Of Contents

  • The Covid Accelerator And What's Next

  • How Technology Can Create Great Learning Experiences

  • How Technology Can Optimize Education Administration

  • In Summary: The Future Of Learning Is Here

Key Takeaways

  • Having a universal platform for a learning framework enables educators to create flexible environments that facilitate learning and are accessible to the widest range of users as well. (pg. 6)

  • AI can also be used to improve scheduling and analytics can help to assess not only how well individuals are learning, but the efficiency of the program/course overall. (pg. 8)

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