Digital Transformation in the Public Sector: Navigating Challenges and Embracing Change

A comprehensive roadmap to digital transformation success for the government and public sector

Transform the way you serve citizens with our expertly crafted digital transformation roadmap, built to guide you towards a Cloud Smart future

Despite historical skepticism towards cloud technology in the public sector, seventy-seven percent of government agencies say that digital transformation initiatives pushed during the pandemic are already having a positive impact on their organization. The benefits of digital transformation are clear, but without a digital transformation framework, it can be difficult to know where to start.

With our comprehensive guide, you’ll get our proven digital workplace transformation roadmap. Our guide equips you with tools to overcome common challenges, migrate your data with ease, and build a secure, digital workplace without worrying about data security, compliance and regulation requirements, or your complex infrastructure.

In the guide, you’ll learn how to plan, execute, and maintain your digital transformation, including:

  • Challenges of digital transformation in the government and public sector
  • Cloud adoption success stories in the public sector
  • Strategies for successful data migration and digital transformation
  • Solutions that can help you build a secure, digital workplace

While it is true that every organization has different needs – digital transformation in the public sector in Australia will have different requirements than US local government digital transformation – cloud providers have continuously worked with the public sector to understand the unique security, compliance, and governance needs of these organizations, and there are now proven solutions to common roadblocks.

Transform your organization and be future-ready – download our comprehensive guide now to streamline operations, optimize performance, and better serve citizens.

Table of Contents

  • Addressing Public Sector Cloud Concerns

  • How to Prepare for Cloud Implementation

  • Tips for Data Migrations

  • Building a Safe, Sustainable Digital Workplace

  • Let AvePoint be your Transformation Guide

  • Guide: Build Your Digital Transformation Roadmap in 10 Steps

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  • Better prepare for cloud implementation with simple strategies

    It’s best to think of your cloud adoption as a digital transformation, not relocation. Most organizations prefer to create a new structure in their destination environment to cater to the agile workplace that many workers are now used to as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic (Gartner 2021). Meaning - your destination environment should be an improved version of your source environment. (pg.8)

  • Execute a foolproof data migration with expert tips

    After the final phase, the new cloud environment needs to be analyzed and validated. Compare item count to ensure all content has been moved over. Determine if any alterations to content occurred during the move that may affect operations, access, and functionality. End users should be involved in validating data and alerting the IT team to any unwanted changes. (pg.12)

  • Build a safe, sustainable digital workplace with easy solutions

    Your governance framework should include consistent rules and policies that keep your environment controlled and secure. But you need to go beyond just establishing these rules and enforce them, preventing users from changing a private workspace to a public one or sharing confidential content more broadly than you should. Solutions like AvePoint Policies makes it easy to automate and enforce policies for access, settings, and other configurations, ensuring your workspaces are completely secure. (pg.16)

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