Learn how this MSP partnered with AvePoint to deliver comprehensive backup and recovery services for its clients

Success Highlights


Comprehensive backup and recovery services for customers


Quick and granular recovery of Microsoft 365 content, including permissions, minimizing downtime


Data backup solution compatible with new Microsoft product rollouts


Simplified backup management with multi-tenant management portal

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Platform Microsoft 365

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Raona is an international consulting firm that offers services and exclusive digital workplace solutions to assist large companies in their digital transformation journey. Raona's expertise lies in Digital Workplace solutions under Microsoft technology, such as SharePoint and Teams, and they have experience with low code technology and custom development. Raona’s mission is to not only execute but also advise, accompany, and recommend the best technological solutions and services to clients to ensure their corporate future.

Critical Needs

  • 100% SaaS backup and recovery solution
  • Unlimited storage and retention
  • Ease of configuration and use
  • Ensure compatibility with the latest updates and advancements from Microsoft

The Challenge

Managed service provider Raona understands the critical importance of data backup and recovery for its clients, especially for platforms like Microsoft 365, which have become a staple of modern work.

While Microsoft offers out-of-the-box functionality to retain content - documents deleted from the SharePoint recycle bin are retained for 93 days, and deleted emails can only be recovered for up to 30 days – many of Raona's customers require a more robust solution that extends beyond the limitations of standard Microsoft backups.

According to Oscar Salobreña, IT Manager at Raona, "Being able to recover information beyond standard Microsoft backups is necessary for peace of mind for our clients, not only as a regulatory requirement for some sectors but for business continuity in the event of a disaster."

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When we saw that AvePoint Cloud Backup was offered as a completely SaaS solution, innovated alongside Microsoft solutions, and was as easy to configure as it was to use, there was no doubt that it was the solution that could meet our clients’ needs.

Oscar Salobreña
IT Manager, Raona

The AvePoint Solution

Raona previously worked with other backup solutions, but faced several issues with them, such as the necessity of infrastructure, storage limitations, limited or lack of support for critical workloads, and high licensing costs.

However, none of these were concerns with AvePoint Cloud Backup. "When we saw that AvePoint Cloud Backup was offered as a completely SaaS solution, innovated alongside Microsoft solutions, and was as easy to configure as it was to use, there was no doubt that it was the solution that could meet our clients’ needs."

AvePoint Cloud Backup is a comprehensive backup and restore solution that works across multiple platforms, including Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Azure, Power Platform, and Dynamics 365. The solution features unlimited built-in storage, encryption, flexible pricing plans, and other benefits. Oscar adds, "The unlimited storage and retention is one of the best capabilities, for both us and our customers, especially as storage costs continue to rise.”

With AvePoint Cloud Backup, backups are performed four times daily to ensure that Raona's clients have frequent and up-to-date backups of their data. Additionally, the solution provides detailed reporting capabilities, allowing MSP teams to quickly and efficiently address any issues that may arise. Self-service tools like delegated administration and the Ava chatbot provide users with the option to assist themselves, making the backup and recovery process more user-friendly and convenient.

And when it’s time to perform, AvePoint Cloud Backup delivers. Oscar recalls, “One of our clients accidentally removed all access permissions from their SharePoint on a corporate site, losing both root and child permissions.” This mistake could have led to disastrous security issues, data loss, and a significant amount of manual work to return the site to its original state. Thankfully, “With Cloud Backup, we were able to recover security without losing information.”

Raona recognizes the importance of quality solutions like AvePoint’s to elevate its service offers and provide its clients with best-in-class solutions backed by an experienced partner. As Oscar says, “Our customers say the simplicity and granularity of Cloud Backup gives them confidence that they are protected.”

Yet AvePoint's commitment to MSPs extends beyond delivering exceptional solutions to clients. Elements Portal, AvePoint's multi-tenant management platform, was designed to meet the unique challenges of MSPs by enabling them to manage multiple clients from a single portal. This has been incredibly helpful for Raona, who can manage support tickets, view activity across the business, and connect with 24/7 support teams from within a single platform.

Overall, Raona values its years-long partnership with AvePoint. Raona’s services and AvePoint’s solutions complement each other well, and Raona appreciates AvePoint's commitment to providing the necessary tools and support to help MSPs achieve their goals and deliver excellent service to their clients.

The Road Ahead

AvePoint's backup and recovery solution has been a game-changer for Raona and its managed service clients. By leveraging innovative solutions like AvePoint Cloud Backup, Raona can provide an added layer of protection that sets them apart from their competitors and gives clients peace of mind that their data is secure and accessible.

As digital transformation continues to evolve, Raona is confident that AvePoint's commitment to supporting future technologies, such as the Power Platform, will enable them to anticipate and meet their clients' data backup and recovery needs. With AvePoint as a trusted partner, Raona can focus on delivering superior services that help their clients achieve their business objectives.

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