Newark International Airport and I have become fast friends this year. While I often travel for business, this year has been extremely busy as AvePoint’s collaboration story has continued to expand and evolve, taking us from the largest government agencies around the world demanding innovative business solutions for their toughest challenges to small “mom-and-pop” companies looking to ramp up quickly on Office 365 with AvePoint Online Services.

While the enterprises, people, personalities, locations, and technology change from implementation to implementation, there are common themes that have come to the fore based on my experience with AvePoint customers in the field. Technology for the sake of technology will never take off within an organization. It can have all of the bells and whistles, seemingly holding the keys to unlocking everyone’s problems, but if you don’t actually get buy-in from your organization first – and I mean real buy-in from everyone necessary – the implementation will fail.

We’ve seen with the proliferation of mobile apps and cloud technology that the pace of adoption and deployment has never been faster. Even when SharePoint first came out in 2001, the grassroots nature of the platform’s adoption was one of the biggest drivers of its growth. With that said, you’re leaving yourself woefully exposed to adoption issues if you do not get the right people on board first.

So what are the factors to consider? In a recent Wired article, I explain that the steps include:

  • evaluating existing platforms;
  • considering end users;
  • garnering support from IT; and
  • keeping line of business decision makers happy.

To learn more about my experiences, check out the Wired article today.