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The AvePoint Compliance Guardian Test Harness for Yammer

AvePoint Compliance Guardian is a complete enterprise compliance platform designed to ensure that information is available and accessible to the people who should have it and protected from people who should not. Beyond its support for a broad and diverse range of content sources and systems, Compliance Guardian allows for the testing of social streams on the fly.

Enterprise social platform Yammer allows organizations to enable a social collaboration system which spans securely across departments, geographies, content and business applications. When we combine Compliance Guardian and Yammer via mutual Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), we produce a collaboration combination that provides unsurpassed confidence related to organizations’ ability to implement companywide “social” while at the same time maintaining the ability to comply with corporate governance.

Some of the key privacy and compliance concerns for “social” within enterprise organizations include concerns about the content of the discussions. Certain topics, posts, or threads may be inappropriate because of profanity, defamation, or confidential information, while other information within a business may not be appropriate to share with an extended audience. Another concern is the people/ “employees” who are having the discussion; in regulated companies (e.g. brokers and traders), individuals may not be allowed to speak with other people within the business – at least about particular topics. Another example can be seen in a hospital setting, where doctors may be allowed to share information about medical issues of their patients with other medical staff but not with non-medical staff.

When we think of compliance of social streams, we are most concerned with one or more of the following items:

· Monitor and report on discussions for inappropriate comments, language, uniform resource identifiers (URIs), or content
· Monitor fields for the same post repeated in succession (duplication)
· Block and report on with regard to inappropriate comments, language, URIs, or content
· Capture any electronic communication that is flagged for non-compliance, and store a copy in immutable form. This includes the content, who said it, and who else was in any related discussions
· Logging or monitoring information, including metadata such as dates; authors/contributors; and any other user names directly involved

Once Compliance Guardian has identified something that a particular “user” has said that is problematic, then the system can optionally log it and store the information that is then able be searched. Compliance Guardian can automatically alert management if certain keywords appear in the discussion stream/post that are forbidden. The system functions easily with Rules and Test Suites already available in Compliance Guardian, including existing dictionaries.

It is important not only to have the ability to monitor, but also to adapt the Yammer APIs to match your environment. Compliance Guardian also includes a Yammer Web Part for SharePoint that has built-in features including:

· Filtering conversations for Allowed or Disallowed comments
· Filtering existing Yammer conversations to not present discussions that are valid (This matters if someone enters the content on the Yammer site but not through the Compliance Guardian Yammer Web Part so content gets in the system but you can put realistic controls in place to protect your users within SharePoint.)
· Logging, as the Yammer Web Part can log every post entered as well as log dates and times that users make attempts to post violating content
· Customizations, as the Yammer Test Harness is open and modifiable by customers to meet their internal policies or use AvePoint to perform the customizations.

In addition to the Web Part, there are full examples of client applications and Yammer API integration in order to provide organizations with templates which they can utilize for their existing Yammer deployments.

As you consider integrating Social Compliance to Social Services, what matters is the ability to customize and pair to APIs like Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, and anything you may implement as part of your total social strategy. Compliance Guardian provides that openness and the support of a compliance team that can roll out total social compliance for your organization.


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