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Introducing AvePoint Pipeline for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

​As a product manager at AvePoint, I like to take business challenges head on. When a challenge arises, I collaborate with various teams to identify what the problem is, and by using the tools available at our disposal, we come up with appropriate solutions. The problem I’m discussing in this blog post is CRM opportunity management, the tools are Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Windows 8, and the solution is AvePoint Pipeline.

The exact challenge that we encountered came from our sales teams. We needed an easier way to review and manage open opportunities in Dynamics CRM. Today, many sales mangers export all of their opportunity information into Microsoft Excel. From there they can review a basic list of opportunity records in order to forecast for their upcoming sales goals and adjust any information as needed manually in Dynamics CRM. As you can imagine, this can be tedious as it’s an unstructured process that is susceptible to human error. That’s where AvePoint Pipeline comes in.

AvePoint Pipeline for Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers sales teams to be more productive on the go. Through a convenient and attractive Windows 8 app, AvePoint Pipeline displays an aggregated view of all CRM opportunities managed by an individual sales person, or by an entire sales team.

With the influence of the Windows 8 Modern UI, we were able to come up with an interactive interface that’s not only visually appealing but effective at representing opportunity information. All of your sales opportunities are displayed as bubbles on a graph over a specific time period. Since Pipeline is connected directly with your Dynamics CRM environment, any adjustments made to opportunity close dates and probabilities can be immediately synchronized with the environment.

A key feature that really makes Pipeline unique is the forecast box. You can adjust the box to highlight a set of opportunities what will dynamically show total opportunity amount as well as weighted amount based on the probability in a selected time range. Now sales reps can be more confident reporting their goals to their managers for the upcoming months.

To ensure that you, your fellow sales representatives, and sales leadership have relevant Dynamics CRM account data at your fingertips, download AvePoint Pipeline for free from the Windows Store today.

You can also learn more about Pipeline by watching the video below:

Terence Orpilla
Terence Orpilla
Terence is a former AvePoint product manager.


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