Office 365 Groups for Business in 2018: The Key to Keeping up

    It’s 2018 (crazy, right?) While we may not have flying cars and colonies in space, we do have a drastically different business landscape these days. It’s one marked by instant access to information and more ways to collaborate than ever before.

    Like with any new technology, people have questions. How can I benefit? How do I implement? How do I secure user adoption? These are the questions faced by administrators in business today.

    One platform that countless organizations have chosen to utilize is Microsoft Office 365. One feature of Office 365 is Office 365 Groups.

    Check out what Christophe Fiessinger, Office 365 Groups Sr. Program Manager for Microsoft and our Dux Raymond Sy had to say about some of the reasons why Office 365 Groups are important to the world of collaboration and how they can help you!


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