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Power your Microsoft Teams Management with Powershell Commands

Anyone who uses Teams understands how much potential it has to make large scale collaboration easier. It’s already a great tool, but as Microsoft continues to build connections and functionality into the application, it will become more and more powerful. Conversely, as more and more people adopt Microsoft Teams as a primary collaboration method, more ideas and understanding of how people can utilize Bots and Connections can only serve to improve the solution.

New ways to manage and interact with Microsoft Teams

For now, as you may have heard, last month a series of PowerShell settings and commandlets was released for Microsoft Teams in Office 365.

New Microsoft Teams Commandlets for PowerShell mean more ways to interact with, and to add that first layer of automation to management with some good deployment, access changing and settings changing scripts.

I, for one, am especially excited to see what companies like AvePoint will be able to accomplish with this new functionality in the near future- let alone as new APIs are released in the coming months!

New Microsoft Teams Commandlets:






















For your scripting and development pleasure:

There are already lots of great articles on how you can get started and how to utilize the new commandlets.

Microsoft Teams has been set up as a completely different service than Office 365, indicating how Microsoft views the application with respect to its other tools and Office 365. In addition, we know they are heavily investing in its development. It already incorporates Bots and previously unrealized connections to bring much more power and functionality to the Teams Application Interface.

You may not be aware of the Bot Framework and the information that Microsoft has already published regarding how to create and publish your own Teams Bots, but there are limitless possibilities via the connectors and bots in Teams.

Through its creation of features, demos, educational, and adoption focused training content, Microsoft’s October release of a Teams roadmap clears up any doubt that Microsoft Teams is the way of the future.

AvePoint provides compliance, security and governance that already work with Teams

Incidents of data leaks are becoming more visible, and as more legislation like the GDPR comes into effect, understanding how your employees are utilizing Microsoft Teams with regard to sensitive content is becoming more crucial every day.

AvePoint can assist in helping you sort, organize, your Microsoft Teams, and integrate Microsoft Teams into a managed provisioning   for Office 365 Sites and Groups. When it comes to the discovery of Office 365 content, AvePoint’s compliance solutions can identify sensitive content and take immediate action based on custom rules.  With automated governance, security and compliance solutions for Office 365, AvePoint can minimize your risk and increase your Office 365 adoption, while keeping you ahead of GDPR and other security and compliance needs 2018 is sure to bring.

Hunter W.
Hunter W.
​Hunter Willis has been in web development, SEO and Social Media marketing for over a decade, and entered the SharePoint space in 2016. Throughout his career he has developed internal collaboration sites, provided technical and strategic advice, and managed solutions for small to large organizations. In addition, Hunter has served as a strategy consultant for many companies and non-profits in the Richmond area.


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