#MSIgnite Day 1 Highlights: Accessing Untapped Potential and More

Post Date: 09/26/2017
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Marta Han with AvePoint here! I’m in Orlando attending my first ever #MSIgnite! As you can imagine, day one at Ignite meant Microsoft released tons of news and offered myriad sessions about Microsoft 365, Azure, Windows, Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and so on. The event attracted over 24,000 IT professionals, developers and other members of the tech community and various other industries to learn what’s new in Microsoft new releases.

Similar to past Ignites, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivered the keynote speech and set the theme – Driving Digital Transformation Outcomes – for the event. It contains four solution scenarios.

  • Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365 – Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent, and secure solution with Office 365, Windows, with enterprise mobility and security capabilities included to empower employees and simplify business.
    • Today, Microsoft released Microsoft StaffHub, designed for first line workers to unlock business value and untapped potential.
    • LinkedIn data is integrated into an Office 365 profile card which helps you build your professional reputation across the Office 365 platform.
    • Microsoft also showcased how Ford uses Microsoft Teams and mixed reality to create a modern workplace.
  • Business Applications with Dynamics 365 – Dynamics 365 is a platform that allows you to create a system of intelligence.
    • Modular apps for Dynamics 365 are lightweight SaaS services designed to transform one business process at a time.
    • Now you can create AI-first business solutions with Dynamics 365 to tackle high-value, complex enterprise scenarios designed for existing processes, systems and data.

Beside Microsoft, hundreds of Microsoft partners showcased their new products and solutions built on top of Microsoft technologies to help customers make the most use of Microsoft investments and drive digital transformation. AvePoint, the Microsoft Cloud Expert, also had quite a bit of news to share with the folks at Ignite and the industry as a whole.

  • AvePoint launched an Office 365 App, GroupHub, driving user adoption and admin control for your office 365 groups. Check out this blog to read more details.

  • AvePoint CMO Dux Raymond Sy and Director of Product Strategy Paul Olenick introduced the award-winning Dynamics 365 solution – AvePoint Citizen Services. With Citizen Services, government agencies have the ability to automate case management and improve both field service and customer service experiences.

  • AvePoint Sr. VP of Product Strategy, John Peluso held a session about Groups and Teams which attracted lots of interest. Groups are one of the most powerful innovations Microsoft has brought to the Office 365 platform and In this session, John explained how to take apart all of the moving parts of an Office 365 Group and in the process, demystify how Groups are provisioned, where data for each Group service is stored, and what tools are available to manage your Groups deployment. Please check out our free resources on Groups and Teams to learn more!

As the event goes on, stay tuned with AvePoint and we’ll keep you up to date on everything #MSIgnite 2017!

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