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Introducing AvePoint Opus: The Next Generation of AI-Powered Information Lifecycle Management

Every day, businesses generate more and more data – in fact, IDC predicts the data sphere will more than double in size between 2022 and 2026.

Executives believe having a high level of data quality is essential to their success, but 75% of them don’t trust their data. Two-thirds of organizations rate themselves below average in managing information lifecycle and applying governance and compliance, according to the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM).

While data is a valuable asset, managing all this data can be a real challenge – and cause real issues. AIIM also found that the number of data repositories organizations use is doubling every five years, and nearly three-quarters of the content systems organizations use today aren’t connected with their other core line of business systems.

This makes it critical for businesses to have a comprehensive information management solution to get a handle of this data to ensure it can put this data to good use – while still maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

AvePoint Opus

That’s why we’re excited to introduce AvePoint Opus, a comprehensive information lifecycle management solution that ensures organizations can manage all stages of the data lifecycle and represents the next generation of AvePoint’s Resilience solutions.

A key component to AvePoint Opus is AvePoint Maestro, our AI Smart Classification system powered by Azure Machine Learning to analyze content and metadata, and assign policies to documents. Now, you can manage your information and ensure compliance, optimize cloud storage and streamline data management processes.

AvePoint Opus combines this cutting-edge AI technology with mature and field-tested storage optimization and information lifecycle technology to optimize data storage, minimize risks, and build a more robust data strategy – the critical foundation of responsible AI use. Let’s dive into how AvePoint Opus can help your organization manage its data more efficiently and effectively, transforming your information lifecycle management by solving storage costs, productivity issues, and cybersecurity risks.

Too Much Data is Expensive

SharePoint Online and many other products have storage limits. Once you exceed that limit, you’re typically hit with a hefty premium for additional storage. AvePoint Opus is an evolution of our storage optimization technology and aims to create more success stories like Surf Life Australia and Hero.

Storage Optimization identifies data for archival based on business rules that an organization can configure to best suit their requirements. This data could be sensitive in nature, needs to be documented for compliance purposes or is just plain old.

AvePoint Opus doesn’t just archive and/or securely delete this data but provides you with a dashboard that easily communicates the value of the solution with just a quick glance.

AvePoint Opus Dashboard

Too Much Data Hurts Productivity

The move to the cloud has brought the promise of incredible boosts of efficiency but also new challenges when it comes to finding the right data and resources to get the job done quickly. A staggering 47% of workers report difficulty in just being able to find the information they need. Just imagine the additional risks of using data that might be old and inaccurate as well?

By regularly scanning data and classifying it automatically using AvePoint Maestro, organizations can classify data at scale, ensuring that regardless of where it is stored in SharePoint Online or OneDrive, it can be accurately classified with appropriate lifecycle rules attached. Users also benefit from a much cleaner search experience because data is properly classified and tagged. Content is accurate, easier to find and users become more productive.

Maestro AI
Train AvePoint Maestro to find valuable content and apply lifecycle policies automatically

Too Much Data is a Risk

When attackers get access to your data they’re not just taking a small amount, they go for everything they can get. Data that no longer has business value is an unnecessary risk. It should be defensibly destroyed instead of waiting for the cyber attackers to get their hands on it.

Even with a strict process in place it can take a lot of manual time to identify, find and remove stale data. With AvePoint Opus’ dynamic business rules it becomes easy to take a complex set of governance policies and operationalize them. Rules ensure that as soon as data meets certain conditions it is archived automatically without costly manual intervention.

Opus Edit Rule
Refreshed rule interface

AvePoint Opus is the Future of Information Lifecycle Management

With the exponential growth of data, it’s clear that organizations need a comprehensive solution to manage their information lifecycle. AvePoint Opus provides that end-to-end capability to optimize storage, enhance productivity, and mitigate risk.

By leveraging AI-powered classification, mature retention and disposition policies, and seamless integrations, AvePoint Opus enables organizations to take control of their data. It transforms disconnected repositories into an intelligent information ecosystem, ensuring that data delivers value. In today’s complex regulatory and threat landscape, getting an accurate handle on your data is mission-critical.

This also extends to our growing channel partner ecosystem, where there are tremendous opportunities to bring this approach to information lifecycle management.

“Through the strategic partnership between AvePoint and Datacom, we have consistently provided our customers with unrivaled benefits, revolutionizing their approach to information management and digital transformation,” said Janine Morris, Team Lead M365 Enterprise Information Management, Datacom.

“Our collaborative efforts have enabled customers to harness the full potential of their information assets, mitigate risks, and enhance both employee and customer experiences. As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming features in AvePoint Opus, we look forward to elevating the value proposition even further.”

AvePoint Opus represents a next-generation approach to information lifecycle management, providing the insight and automation needed to master your data. With AvePoint Opus, your organization can confidently pursue innovation while still maintaining compliance, security, and productivity.

AvePoint Opus

Alyssa B.
Alyssa B.
Alyssa Blackburn is the Director of Records & Information Strategy at AvePoint, where she helps organisations achieve business value from their information. In her role, Alyssa provides records and information consulting services as well as system implementations, allowing customers to optimise the structure of their information to maximize business benefits while meeting data governance and compliance objectives. With 20 years of experience in the information management industry, Alyssa has worked with both public and private sector organisations to deliver guidance for information management success in the digital age. She is responsible for the development of AvePoint’s information management solution, and has been involved with implementing our records management solution with government agencies and commercial clients. Alyssa is actively involved in the information management industry and has spoken at a number of events including at Inforum 2016 in Perth. She has been published in the RIMPA IQ magazine and recently won the 2016 award article of the year for the RIMPA IQ magazine for her article titled, "Why you need to think differently about information management."

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