How to Use: Health Analyzer in DocAve 6

Post Date: 01/16/2018
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Welcome! For this demonstration, we’re going to show you how to use our Health Analyzer tool in DocAve. First, from the main DocAve 6 window, select the Health Analyzer button. Then, in the top left corner, select Profile Manager, then select create.

Next, give your profile a name. For this example, we’ll just name our profile ‘demo.’ Then, move on to the scan filter. Here, you have the option of selecting by module or by farm. For the purposes of this demonstration, we’re going to only select granular backup in the SharePoint 2013 farm.

Since we only want to filter out permissions, so in the category filter, we’re going to only select permissions and then we’re going to select all of the permissions. So click ‘select all,’ then click next.

For this demo, we’re not going to worry about scheduling since we’re only going to run it once. Select ‘no schedule,’ and we’re going to select no notifications. Then hit next.

Then, click the ‘finish’ button. Now it’s time to run the profile. Select the profile we’ve created, labeled ‘demo,’ and ‘run now.’ On the right you will see items that are being scanned. Select the job monitor option at the top to check on the progress of your job.

Once the job is completed, we can go back and see what items that are deemed to have passed and you’re good to go!

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