How to Apply Actions to Scan Results in AvePoint’s Compliance Guardian

Post Date: 02/12/2018
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In addition to scanning a full SharePoint environment, Compliance Guardian can take several actions on a document that has shown to match the specified condition. Once our solution has discovered the documents that contest the defined scan, they will be classified internally to Compliance Guardian rather than SharePoint, informing the user that it contains sensitive information. 

The actions our software can take is subjective to the user’s preference. One of the most popular actions is the option to Quarantine the document. What makes this a powerful option is the opportunity to quarantine in-place or out-of-place.  

Another very popular act is the choice of encrypting the document. AvePoint has provided a built-in encryption option, however the method used is completely editable.  

A few other options include; redacting the information, changing permissions, locking, tagging, or moving the document, notification, and simply deleting it all together. 

Simply choose what action you would like to take after setting up your conditions and you are ready to go.  

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