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S5 E3: Evolving the Virtual Experience at Georgetown University

Discover how collaboration tools helped Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business enable successful online learning for its MBA students. Associate dean Shelly Heinrich also shares tips for taking recruitment efforts and alumni functions virtual.

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  1. Shelly talks a good game here but as a current student at Georgetown, the ground reality is different. The school has done precious little for students and the entire experience has been terrible. Georgetown has shown that they don’t really care about the students and the bottom line in their only concern. Sticking a camera in front of professors and students and thinking that everything is fine has been Georgetown’s strategy. The ROI is non existent.

  2. Erm, can we have some employment stats?

    Investment Banking and Consulting, two of the main destinations for MBA students, are both down by a LOT from last year. With no social/classroom experience, a good job is the only redeeming factor for MBA students.

    Shelly was quoted by P&Q at the start of fall semester as saying that students were already getting back on campus, which was misleading. What she failed to mention was that this was purely for internationals to maintain their status. US students unfortunately have had no such luck.

    I’m sure that MBA programs across the country will paint a rosy picture and launch a PR campaign again over the next few months to get their FT23 class to enrol and then push them into virtual mode again, while they make millions of dollars.

    Some schools have been a lot better at prioritizing students – Georgetown would probably be the last on this list.

  3. Good to hear that team morale is important. How about student morale which is in the dumps thanks to decisions taken by the Georgetown MBA folks?


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