Survey: Security Concerns & Other Top SharePoint Online Migration Challenges

Post Date: 02/27/2019
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SharePoint Online has become a go-to collaboration service for many organizations looking to modernize the way they do business. That said, what are some challenges that businesses have had when trying to make the move? We partnered with AIIM (The Association for Information and Image Management) to find out.

Per AIIM’s Implementing Information Management on SharePoint and Office 365 course:

One of the big decisions that need to be made when working with SharePoint is where it will be hosted. Will it be hosted internal to your organization or available online via Office 365?

Perhaps the most compelling reason to deploy SharePoint on-premises is to have access to every customization option available. On-premises servers allow for custom developed code on-server and solutions that aren’t available for the online version.

On the other hand, online solutions mean no upfront costs to purchase a server and install the software and no need to perform maintenance functions. This is particularly true of patching, which happens automatically. Online also offers the ability for external third parties to share your information — when authorized. All of the integrations to third party identification providers means you don’t have to manage passwords for external users. Finally, SharePoint Online has functionality, due to the Office 365 integration, which will never be available in the on-premises product.

Key Data Points

  • 47% of organizations say that at least 60% of their organization’s unstructured content is housed in SharePoint repositories.
  • 46% are actively planning a migration of their SharePoint content to the cloud.
  • 57% have security or control concerns about SharePoint cloud migration.
  • On average, there is no single clear reason for the SharePoint cloud migration decision
  • 57% of organizations planning a migration from other repositories into Office 365…getting rid of file share chaos, and shifting SharePoint repositories from on-premises to the cloud are core reasons for the Office 365 migration.
  • The most likely strategy as on-premises versions of SharePoint go out of support is to move these repositories to Office 365.
  • On average, 46% of an organization’s sensitive documents (that is, documents containing personally identifiable information/ PII or documents needed for business, regulatory, legal, or intellectual property purposes) are contained in Office documents.
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Survey Questions

What is your best estimate of the percentage of your organization’s unstructured information and content that is housed in SharePoint or Office 365 repositories (vs. other content repositories or business applications)?

What is keeping you from moving your on-premises SharePoint deployments to the cloud? (check as many as apply)

Why is your organization migrating to Office 365?

This is an excerpt from our latest Office 365 governance and migration survey. Check out the full survey for more in-depth metrics!

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