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SharePoint 2019 Features: 8 Predictions from Our Experts

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It’s that time of the decade where an update to SharePoint, this time SharePoint 2019, is getting ready to be previewed and released. There are a lot of high expectations for new gadgets and features in the latest version of SharePoint. Here at AvePoint, we sat down with some of our experts to see what their predictions are for the update. Read on to see their insights on potential SharePoint 2019 features!

Yatindra Ranpura, Technical Solutions Professional, TSP

“I believe that there will be better security integrations that will make it easier to connect content and provide secure access using the latest standards. It is also known that Infopath is going to be supported in the 2019 release, but I am hoping that there will be an updated way for forms to be built on SharePoint.

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I also believe that there will be maturity in terms of what is available in the admin portal and more integration with Power BI. This will provide a rich medium that will improve data that we can surface on the environment and its usage.”

Robert Mulsow, VP TSP EMEA, TSP

“For SharePoint 2019 features I am expecting closer alignment with SharePoint Online for better hybrid integration, which will bring customers closer to the cloud. Along with bringing customers closer to the cloud, I also believe that there will be a more modern user experience. I also believe that there will be PowerApps and Flow integration to customize forms, that will most likely only be available in Hybrid Mode.

SharePoint 2019 Features

Some things I am hoping to see in the newer version will be improved and extended compliance capabilities in the Compliance Center and eDiscovery template. Updated retention policies and hybrid integration into Microsoft Information Protection Labeling would also be great to see!”

Sam Valme, Manager, Solution Engineer, TSP

“I am predicting that there will be a reduction in some of the out-of-the-box SharePoint collaboration tools. There should also be more of a push towards Microsoft platform integrations, like Teams and Yammer,” Valme said. “I am also expecting there to be an emphasis to closer align with the app model of SharePoint. This will enhance the ability to develop custom solutions, like transferring solutions from SharePoint 2019 to Teams.

Bryan Vanetten, Solution Engineer, TSP

“I am looking forward to a more mobile friendly platform that also focuses on more of the social aspect of collaboration. That means that there will be better Search, more natural metadata inputs and more secure and simpler sharing techniques. I am also excited about the apps platform, the more options users have to collaborate via different systems with SharePoint as a Platform for apps, the better!

SharePoint 2019 Features

Funtrol Ready, Senior Solution Engineer, TSP

“I predict that many of the current SharePoint Online features will be brought down from the cloud code base. This would include:

  • Modern Sites, Lists, and Libraries
  • Improved hybrid experiences
  • Modern Sharing
  • Communication Sites
  • FastSite creation
  • New PowerShell cmdlets

Melissa Hubbard, Microsoft MVP, Office 365 and SharePoint consultant, WithumSmith+Brown

“The message is clear that SharePoint is NOT dead, and I have high hopes for SharePoint 2019! My predictions for SharePoint 2019 features are mainly surrounding modernization and workflows. As the modern SharePoint Online experience has been embraced, I predict that the team collaboration experience will be modernized in SharePoint 2019 as was announced at Ignite last year.

SharePoint 2019 Training

For everyone still working with SharePoint Designer and InfoPath, I wouldn’t throw in the towel yet because of all the talk around Flow and PowerApps. Microsoft understands these traditional SharePoint on-premises workflow and form solutions are still vital to many customers. However, the push towards modern sites could make some of these tools less relevant.

I look forward to hearing the upcoming announcements and getting my hands on SharePoint 2019 as many of my customers are still on-premises!”

Matt Wade, Microsoft MVP, H3 Solutions Incorporated

“I feel quite confident in predicting that it’s probably time to think seriously about moving to SharePoint Online in the Office 365 cloud. ?”

Digital Transformation

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Stephanie Donahue, President and Co-Founder, PAITgroup, and Microsoft MVP

“We know that a “next generation” sync client will be supported for OneDrive/SharePoint files on-demand. Modern site templates will also be available but I doubt that Hub sites will.

For my predictions, I think we will see an increase in on-premises upgrades. SharePoint 2016 didn’t provide enough compelling reasons for organizations to upgrade. With the addition of modern and responsive site templates, we gain more reward from our upgrade efforts which will encourage organizations to move forward.

SharePoint 2019 features SharePoint 2019 What's new

PowerApps and Flow will also have some integration capabilities, but I am unsure of what exactly. I believe updates with PowerApps and Flow integration capabilities will create interesting debates for organizations. Those that stay on-prem are typically staying now due to concerns of data being in the cloud. Having forms and workflow based in the cloud could create conflict similar to the struggle over using hybrid search. Your data is not in the cloud but the index is.”

Stay tuned to our blog to get the latest on SharePoint 2019 features, predictions, and more!


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Spenser Bullock
Spenser Bullock
Spenser Bullock is a former AvePoint Channel Solutions Engineer, focused on enabling partners and their customers to utilize and maximize their Microsoft 365 technology adoption and usage.


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