Social Media Monitoring & Public Services: Better Together

Post Date: 06/25/2018
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Social Media Monitoring & Public Services

Social media has become a powerful tool for monitoring public services. In France, Facebook has more than 67 percent adoption while Twitter is used by nearly one of every four French citizens.

However, despite the popularity of these social networks and the rich information citizens post to them every day, organizations have been slow to fully leverage these platforms.

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Monitoring these social channels can enable government agencies to monitor and measure the overall satisfaction and sentiment levels of the public as well as directly engage with complaints or outage reports.

Cloud solutions from Microsoft, such as SharePoint Online, PowerBI and Social Listening with Microsoft Dynamics, can incorporate and visualize social media information. This can enable government employees to stay informed of issues and connect with citizens.

In short, enabling citizens to connect with government agencies on any device, at any time, and on their own terms can help increase satisfaction with government services and increase accountability of departments.

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