Secure Public Sector Data with AvePoint’s FedRAMP Authorized Salesforce Backup and Recovery Solution

Post Date: 06/02/2023
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In today’s digital landscape, public sector organizations face the daunting task of modernizing their operations while protecting critical data from cybersecurity threats. Platforms like Salesforce have become essential for managing constituent relationships and streamlining operations. However, ensuring Salesforce data backup and security is crucial to maintaining continuity and trust.

This is where AvePoint Cloud Backup for Salesforce, our FedRAMP (moderate) authorized solution on Salesforce AppExchange, becomes indispensable.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss:

  • the importance of platforms like Salesforce for public sector organizations
  • why FedRAMP authorization matters when choosing vendors for the public sector
  • how AvePoint Cloud Backup for Salesforce serves as a robust backup and recovery solution

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The Importance of Platforms Like Salesforce for Public Sector Organizations 

Public sector organizations are constantly seeking ways to modernize their operations and meet the ever-evolving needs of their constituents.

In an increasingly digital world, platforms like Salesforce offer powerful tools for managing constituent relationships, improving service delivery, and enhancing collaboration among teams.

These platforms provide a centralized system for storing, analyzing, and acting upon critical data, enabling public sector organizations to make data-driven decisions that drive positive outcomes.

In the case of Salesforce, the tool provides scalability, flexibility, and a wide range of features that are an asset to public sector organizations striving to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional services. But to ensure data integrity and business continuity, organizations must also protect themselves against inevitable risks, such as accidental deletions, system failures, malicious attacks, or natural disasters. That’s why Salesforce backup solutions are critical.

However, not all backup and restore solutions fit the bill.

Why FedRAMP (Moderate) Authorization Matters in Choosing Salesforce Backup Solutions

FedRAMP certification is a crucial factor when selecting vendors for public sector organizations. It ensures that products meet the rigorous security standards set by the U.S. government – including security controls, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing – thereby mitigating risks associated with cybersecurity threats.

The certification ensures that a product has adequate security controls to safeguard sensitive information, prevent unauthorized access, and promptly detect and respond to security incidents.

Working with FedRAMP-authorized vendors like AvePoint is a component of Zero Trust, which can save organizations an average of $1 million in data breach costs.

Sponsored by the Department of Energy, AvePoint initially achieved its FedRAMP (moderate) authorization in April 2021 and, with sponsorship from the Department of State, continued to authorize more solutions in 2022. Today, a total of 19 cloud solutions are FedRAMP (moderate) authorized as part of the AvePoint Confidence Platform.

The U.S. Treasury Department, IRS, NASA and more than 1,000 other public sector organizations rely on AvePoint to secure cloud collaboration, mitigate access risk, reduce security breaches and strengthen audit and compliance posture in the digital workplace.

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Protecting Mission-Critical Data with AvePoint Cloud Backup for Salesforce

AvePoint Cloud Backup for Salesforce offers public sector organizations a comprehensive backup and recovery solution designed to minimize data loss and downtime:

Automatic daily backups

Organizations can schedule additional backups to meet their specific data protection and retention requirements. This ensures that critical Salesforce data is safeguarded against user errors, service outages, and potential cyber threats.

Granular recovery capabilities

Organizations can efficiently access, search, and restore data at various levels, from the organization level down to individual records and fields. This level of flexibility enables seamless data restoration and contributes to maintaining uninterrupted operations.

Market leadership

AvePoint Cloud Backup for Salesforce is recognized by organizations such as Gartner, Forrester and G2 for our leadership in features, functionality, usability and our future innovation for our multi-SaaS backup solutions.

Continuous improvement

Our enhancements to Cloud Backup for Salesforce over the past year provide even greater convenience and functionality to ensure public sector organizations have comprehensive and secure Salesforce backup and recovery:

  • Search using Record ID – Searching and restoring Salesforce records is now easier than ever, with the ability to use the Record ID as a search parameter. This feature enables you to quickly locate and restore specific records, saving you time and effort.
  • Added support for IBM Spectrum Protect – S3 and IBM Cloud Object Storage – If you prefer to use your own storage location (BYOS), you can seamlessly integrate it with AvePoint’s Cloud Backup for Salesforce.
  • Improved user experience with an updated user interface (UI) – The new UI offers a cleaner and more modern design, making it easier to navigate and locate key features. A new Trial Wizard also facilitates a smooth onboarding experience for new users to the platform.
  • Improved reporting capabilities – Gain better insights into service level agreements (SLAs) and make more informed decisions about your data protection strategy.
  • Enhanced restore capabilities – Ensure audit fields remain consistent across all restore types. Whether restoring data to another location or a sandbox environment, all audit fields will be preserved as they were originally.
  • Expanded search capabilities – Restore field-level data and gain the ability to search for specific objects when viewing backup job details, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in job tracking.

AvePoint’s Commitment to Security and Innovation

AvePoint’s commitment to security is evident through its various certifications and industry recognition. With certifications such as ISO 27001:2013, SOC 2 Type II, and CSA Self-Assessment (STAR Level 1), AvePoint adheres to strict information security and privacy standards.

The company is also an active member of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, pledging to foster safe collaboration and protect customers and users.

With its FedRAMP (moderate) authorization and comprehensive backup and recovery features, AvePoint Cloud Backup for Salesforce provides a reliable solution for public sector organizations. By partnering with AvePoint, organizations can confidently protect their Salesforce data and focus on their core mission of serving the public.

Discover how AvePoint’s robust backup and recovery capabilities can Want to protect your Salesforce data, minimize downtime, and give you peace of mind.

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