An Overview of Microsoft Teams in GCC, GCC High, and DOD

Post Date: 02/05/2019
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With Microsoft Teams being the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history, it’s no wonder that organizations in various industries–including government agencies–want to begin using it! In this session, Microsoft’s Rima Reyes goes over why and how GCC, GCC High, and DoD customers should be using Microsoft Teams in their organizations on a daily basis.

Teamwork Trends in Government

When it comes to the workplace, government agencies need to be aware of workplace trends to ensure that there is a structure in place to meet organizational needs. Rima zeroed in on the factors that need to be considered and why Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive solution in these situations.

Multiple Generations Working Together

Since government organizations are often a melting pot of generations, having communication apps in place that allow these different generations to properly work together is of the utmost importance.

Team-Based and Collaborative

80% of employee time is spent collaborating with others. Microsoft Teams should help streamline the process and allow GCC customers to work together much more easily.

Transitioning to the Modern Workplace

There are an estimated 51% of federal government workers eligible for telework today. This means that organizations need environments in place to allow these teleworkers to communicate as efficiently as possible.

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Tabs/Apps Feature Availability:

With more apps and tabs becoming available in these environments, Microsoft Teams will make the modern workplace even more efficient for GCC organizations. Bots, connectors, and extensions will become available in the GCC environment eventually, but are unfortunately not planned for GCC High and DoD.

Meetings Feature Availability

With Microsoft Stream becoming available in GCC Microsoft Teams environments, recordings and meeting features will help organizations in the public sector keep better records of organization-wide meetings.

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Best Practices for Getting Started

After the speakers finished talking about trends and what’s available today in the GCC, GCC High, and DoD Teams environments, they mentioned a few basic steps for getting started:

  1. Pilot users in waves. Make it iterative, and start with a small group of trusted users in Wave 1 (focus on small wins).
  2. Start the pilot, THEN figure out governance and compliance
  3. Shift-left with the player-coach mentality
  4. You can even start today!

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