SharePoint Permissions Management: Why it really matters

Post Date: 07/31/2015
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I recently had the opportunity to author an article for TechNet UK highlighting the ways a company can avoid insider threats and keep content secure.

Since Edward Snowden and the security questions of 2013, insiders leaking confidential information or gaining access to content without authorization has become a great concern for the IT industry. According to the healthcare-focused results of the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report (ITR), 92 percent of healthcare IT admins fear insider threats, 49 percent felt very or extremely vulnerable, while 62 percent identified privileged users – who have access to all resources available from systems they manage – as the most dangerous type of insider. What can we do to avoid the insider threat and keep our information secure?

Find Third Party Solutions

With the right software, organizations can lighten their business users’ workload and keep environments safe through automation. To determine if a system is appropriate, key questions to ask include:

  • Can the solution provide a process that is easier to use than native SharePoint?
  • Can we use language that our users understand instead of technical jargon?
  • Can the solution give us advanced features such as approvals, auditability, and life-cycle management?

Classify Content

Automating the classification of content is a crucial step towards user productivity. Though the benefits of content types and proper classification of search, workflow, and retention policies are generally understood, the implementation often puts a large burden on the end user to fill in these forms. Automating classification saves time for the end user and removes the potential for human error or apathy.

With all security considerations, a primary concern should be the ease of use, level of intrusiveness, and impact on productivity for the business user. Through boosting the productivity of the business users and reducing risk in the SharePoint environment, automation provides a secure solution.

To read more about avoiding threats and maintaining content security, please visit TechNet UK.

To learn how AvePoint can help ensure compliance through automation, please visit our website.

In his former role as Vice President of Solution Engineering, Edmund specialized in delivering custom SharePoint solutions, third-party software, and services since 2007, as well a variety of enterprise technologies.

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