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New Case Study: AvePoint and Cloud|AG Help Albion Scaccia Collaborate on Business Data in the Cloud

Like most organizations, Atlanta-based construction company Albion Scaccia’s business data is critical to its operations. After experiencing an incident where its server went down for three full business days and losing access to email and file shares, the company knew that something had to be done to avoid another outage in the future.

In order to prevent future outages, Albion Scaccia turned to AvePoint partner Cloud|AG for a cloud-based solution. Cloud|AG helped Albion Scaccia move to Microsoft Office 365 and implemented ServicePoint365, an industry template application developed for Office 365 and managed with DocAve Online from AvePoint.

By using Office 365 and ServicePoint365 managed by Cloud|AG with DocAve Online, Albion Scaccia was able to:

  • Enhance storage and collaboration of critical business data in the cloud through Microsoft Office 365 and ServicePoint365, reducing organizational expenses for server management and IT outsourcing
  • Provide field staff mobile access to up-to-date project documentation, drawings, and site photos while working at construction sites
  • Increase protection and simplify management of Office 365 and ServicePoint365 environment with Cloud|AG’s managed services featuring AvePoint’s DocAve Online
  • Eliminate the threat of catastrophic outages of systems housing critical business communications and documents by accessing data in the cloud as well as restoring lost or deleted emails, documents and sites for end-users within an hour – significantly faster than the days required by Microsoft – minimizing business disruption
  • Enable management and reporting on security settings and permissions across Office 365 and ServicePoint365 environments to meet organizational governance policies

You can learn more about Albion Scaccia’s success by reading the entire case study on our website.

For more on DocAve Online, please visit the product page on our website. For information on Cloud|AG’s managed services offering, please visit the company’s website.

Franklin T.
Franklin T.
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