Hey all! I just got back from visiting the beautiful country of Belgium on a trip to learn more about how the Belgian Federal Police take advantage of Microsoft 365.

The story of how Wim Liekens and his team at the Belgian Federal Police force implemented Microsoft 365 E3 is an inspiring one. Trying to secure and modernize a workplace of over 55,000 employees not only requires a sound strategy, but also the right tools for the job.

Officers have been able to leverage Yammer to respond to questions investigators pose about ongoing cases. They take advantage of Office 365’s powerful online meeting capabilities to quickly convene and solve emergencies while out of the office. Members of the Belgian Federal Police have even been able to use Microsoft Teams to support dispatched units in the field (like their special canine units)!

Want to learn more about how the Belgian police joined thousands of other organizations in rising to the challenge of digital transformation? You can read the full case study here!

Without further ado, here’s my interview with Geraldine from the force:

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