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#FutureDecoded: Top Office 365 Groups Questions and Answers from the Experts

Learn how to deploy, manage, name, and adopt Microsoft Groups & Teams with our full length series

  1. The Basics Of Office 365 Groups
  2. What are Office 365 Groups? 
  3. Learn How To Use Microsoft Teams: Expert Tips and Tricks
  4. Best Practices for Naming & Categorizing Microsoft Teams
  5. When To Use Microsoft Teams vs. Other Collaboration Tools

While you’re at Microsoft’s Future Decoded conference in London, we at AvePoint thought we’d hook you up with some resources to help further your knowledge. If you’re on your commute to the conference or looking for some reading during your lunch break, check out this post, “Top Office 365 Groups Questions and Answers From The Experts” from AvePoint to hear some questions and answers from experts in the space.

This blog will walk you through some commonly asked questions regarding the following:

  • Office 365 Groups Basics
  • Office 365 Groups Administration
  • Office 365 Groups Life-cycle
  • Other Questions & The Complete List

Hopefully this helped you to better wrap your head around the vast world of Office 365 Groups and feel free to stop by our blog the next time you’re looking to learn more. Also, check out this free trial of GroupHub from AvePoint, which helps optimize your organization’s collaboration when using Office 365 Groups. From Office 365 to SharePoint and beyond, the experts at AvePoint have everything you need.


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