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#ShiftHappens Conference: Why You Should Give a Shift About Digital Transformation!

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#ShiftHappens Conference focuses on “digital transformation from the trenches” and will share modern workplace strategies that have worked for the biggest and most regulated organizations. Get up close and personal with industry heavy hitters, change agents, and innovators as they impart their knowledge amongst digital transformation enthusiasts in Washington, D.C.

Check out my conversation with AvePoint CMO, Dux Raymond Sy, and AvePoint Global Marketing VP, Julie Liu as we discuss how #ShiftHappens Conference aims to deliver insanely actionable strategies to help your organization best handle shift.

What is the #ShiftHappens conference?

Dux: The #ShiftHappens conference is AvePoint’s response to the gap between industry and user conferences.

Julie: AvePoint has been proudly sponsoring industry conferences for well over a decade and attending partner user conferences for about the same amount of time. What we saw along the way is that there is a gap between vendor-focused content and prescriptive industry guidance. The idea behind the #ShiftHappens conference is to bring together the concept of digital transformation from the trenches using customers’ real-life applications and scenarios.

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AvePoint was a Global Platinum Sponsor of 2019’s Ignite Tour.

That’s a fun name, what was the inspiration?

Dux: Literally shift happens. As we were thinking through this conference, we didn’t want to waste time talking about why you need to adopt the cloud; people already know the cloud is the future. With many iterations of Office 365 rolling out so quickly, IT admins and business users have had to adopt at a much faster pace. As the shift happens, we cannot afford to spend time working in a messy modern workplace—inevitably things go wrong. Take that pun as you will.

We already have tons of great content around digital transformation. Why a dedicated conference?

Julie: That’s a great question. Part of our inspiration behind making this a conference is to allow people to see that digital transformation is not all sunshine and rainbows. Digital transformation is not as perfect as Contoso leads you to believe. We wanted to bring together some of our and Microsoft’s real customers to have a very candid conversation. As we curate content for the #ShiftHappens conference, one of our priorities is around audience engagement allowing for questions to be asked at any time. The additional benefit of having it as a conference is that you have people’s undivided attention. We hope to encourage people to be present, learn, and also trade experiences!

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What can attendees expect out of this conference?

Dux: We’re proud to host a killer line up of subject matter experts (SMEs) putting on sessions split between two tracks: Business Acceleration and Technology Innovation. The Business Acceleration is for the Business Leader, Consultant, Power User or IT Pro that is dedicated to the successful user adoption and planning process in rolling out your organization’s digital transformation.

Technology Innovation, on the other hand, is your tactical, technical track for tackling nuances presented in extending your Microsoft Office 365 investment. This track will include all the details on how you successfully transform your organization with little downtime to the business and configuring the right user experience based on a variety of needs and objectives.

Are you excited?

Dux: I’m super excited!

Julie: Yes, of course! We see a lot of these customer questions that everyone has, and people want to know if we can solve them and create a conversation around digital transformation concerns. With #ShiftHappens we hope to make it fun and engaging, puns included!

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What are you hoping attendees take away from this conference?

Julie: The biggest takeaway for attendees will hopefully be that they make new connections and understand that they are not alone in this new space. We hope that people continue to put their minds together not only within their organizations but also with industry experts in an effort to find solutions that best serve their needs. Digital transformation is not a one-size-fits-all and we’re excited to share customer-led sessions that showcase different transformation journeys.

This was a fun intro to do with our team! Check out the links below for more information around the #ShiftHappens conference and tune in for more in the future!

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