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The Best Microsoft 365 Blog Posts of 2019

Here at AvePoint, we have the distinct pleasure of working with some of the best minds in the Microsoft 365 space. Through our Community Champion program we collaborate with a variety of Microsoft MVPs and thought leaders to deliver top-notch content in the form of blog posts, webinars, speaking engagements, and more.
This time, we decided to reach out to a few of our Champions and see what blog content resonated with them over the last year. If you’re looking for some great Office 365 resources, this is certainly a great place to start!

Stephanie Donahue; Microsoft 365

Stephanie Donahue’s Picks

An Office 365 Users Guide to Power Apps & Power Automate (Flow) Licensing – October 2019 Edition by Rob Windsor

Reason: This is a solid and clear explanation of the licensing changes that took place in October.

Belonging In The Workplace: A New Approach to Diversity And Inclusivity by Dr. Pragya Agarwal

Reason: This is yet another must-read post on D&I. These are challenges and hurdles everyone faces no matter the industry or company size. Plus, Dr. Agarwal does a great job of emphasizing the importance of belonging.


Eric Overfield’s Picks

Reason: Both of these posts resonated exceptionally well with our audience. I hope you find them insightful!

What the SharePoint 2010 End-of-Life Campaign Means For You by Pixel Mill

Microsoft 365

Vesa Nopanen’s Picks

Reason: This guide helps people cope when they need to use multiple accounts or guest tenants in Microsoft Teams. It’s a common scenario that often leaves people stumped and/or angry. This article gives readers some shortcuts to streamline the process and advice on how to handle different situations.

Private Channels Survival Guide by Vesa Nopanen

Reason: If people start creating private channels without good reason, they only end up siloing communication, knowledge, and information. This guide explains why and when private channels should and could be used.

Art of Pinning Channels to the Top and Using Channel Notifications for Effect by Vesa Nopanen

Reason: Pinning channels is needed to organize your Microsoft Teams environment. People are being added to Teams more and more, but they don’t like getting endless notifications. Pinning channels allows you to change your experience so that Teams is serving you, instead of you trying to gasp for breath in the waves of Team-related notifications.

Matt Wade’s Picks

Ignite 2019 SharePoint Summary by Patrick Feninger

Reason: Patrick’s work is top-notch as it is, but this post specifically provides one of the best one-stop-shop overviews of what was announced at Ignite regarding updates and features in SharePoint Online. Anyone working in Office 365 or SharePoint should read it.

Launch of the Table of Azure Cognitive Services by Stephan Bisser

Reason: Stephan’s infographics are already a must-have for getting started with Azure Cognitive Services. This post connects his work to the well-known “Periodic Table of Office 365” platform, providing a comfortable and familiar user interface and similar knowledge sharing, but on a new end of the Microsoft Stack.

Why You Need to Be Careful With the Default Document Library on a Sharepoint Site by Greg Zelfond

Reason: The SharePoint Maven is one of the best resources for Office 365 guidance and best practices both for admins and everyday users. This post specifically covers one of the trickiest and most important topics in the field: how to deal with that all-important default document library that comes with your SharePoint site. A must-read.

7 Everyday Tips and Tricks for Rocking your Productivity with Microsoft To Do by Courtney Moore

Reason: Microsoft To Do is quickly becoming an everyday app for people across the world thanks to its replacement of Wunderlist and Outlook Tasks. People need to know now how they should best use To Do, and this post provides an entry-level overview of the most important features and how best to put them to use.todo

Auto-Provisioning Sharepoint Site and Teams: A Blog Post List by Joanne Klein

Reason: Joanne Klein is one of the best sources for enterprise mobility and security guidance in Microsoft 365. Provisioning of SharePoint sites, Teams, and other Office 365 Group apps is one of the most important processes to have spelled out in your governance plan. Joanne has done the work in this meta post to provide resources, ideas, and best practices for building out a good provisioning plan, complete with her expert guidance.

Everything You Need to Know About Private Channels in Microsoft Teams by Matt Wade

Reason: Private Channels was the most requested Microsoft Teams feature on UserVoice by more than two times. In this article and video, I give a real-world overview of the features, best practices, and “gotchas” of a much-requested but complex feature.

Intranet Home Page Design 101 by Matt Wade

Reason: I’ve put together a practical overview for anyone looking to upgrade or rebuild one of the most important information sources for an organization: its intranet home page. Based on SharePoint Online features out of the box, this guide runs through the process, change management, design, and other steps required to build a quality home page and maintain it for a lifetime.

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Brent Middleton
Brent Middleton
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