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Post Date: 07/03/2023
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In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business world, collaboration is key. However, finding the right partner can be a daunting task for both partners and end-users alike. At AvePoint, we understand the challenges of navigating a complex ecosystem, which is why we’re excited to announce the release of our latest tool: the AvePoint Partner Locator. 

Designed to connect end-users with trusted partners, the Partner Locator is a powerful resource that simplifies the process of finding the right fit for your business needs. Our easy-to-use platform empowers partners and end-users to expand their networks, unlock new opportunities, and achieve remarkable growth.

AvePoint Partner Locator: Connecting Businesses, Fueling Success 

The small and medium business market is growing, with Microsoft research finding nearly 70% of SMBs plan to increase their technology budgets in the next year. However, finding the right partner can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process for end-users, and the difficulty of making technology decisions is holding as many as one-third of businesses back. 

That’s where the Partner Locator comes in.  With the Partner Locator, we’re taking the guesswork out of technology decision-making by creating a platform that streamlines the provider search process and empowers businesses to succeed.  

The comprehensive directory brings together partners from various industries, providing a centralized hub for potential clients to find partners that can meet their needs. By leveraging our extensive partner network, businesses can easily find the perfect partner to help them achieve their goals.

How AvePoint Partner Locator Works

The process is simple and user-friendly. Partners can submit their company information through our intuitive Partner Portal. This information will then be reviewed by our dedicated team of account managers, who will ensure the accuracy and relevance of each submission. Once approved, Partners will be showcased on the Partner Locator, unlocking numerous opportunities for increased visibility and collaboration.  

Partner Locator Dashboard

Your business’s listing in the Partner Locator may include information like services you offer, location, or your industry expertise. This allows a potential customer to get a good sense of your offerings and experience and determine if you may be a good fit. This information is based entirely on your submission, so be sure to be thoughtful when compiling your submission.  

If a potential client decides your business is a good fit for their needs, they can request a contact request, right from within the Partner Locator, streamlining your business development efforts.

Benefits of AvePoint Partner Locator for Your Businesses 

The AvePoint Partner Locator offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to expand their reach and grow their customer base, including:

  • Enhanced visibility: Gain exposure to a wide range of potential customers who may not have otherwise been aware of your offerings. More leads means more business means more growth.  
  • Increased reach: Expand your market presence and tap into new customer segments through collaborations with complementary businesses. Search by service or solution to identify complementary partners to network with and build relationships and help your business stand out from the competition with differentiated service offerings.   
  • Build credibility: Being showcased on the Partner Locator lends credibility to your business, building a strong reputation in the marketplace. This can help reassure potential partners and customers alike that your business is reliable and vetted, ultimately leading to more successful partnerships and growth in your customer base.  

With these benefits from the Partner Locator, your business can stand out in the marketplace and unlock new opportunities, without marketing expenses or additional headcount.  

Get Started with the AvePoint Partner Locator

To make the most of this exciting opportunity, please refer to our comprehensive documentation on how to submit your company information through the Partner Portal. If you do not have an account in the partner portal, you can register now.  Our team is also available to address any queries or provide assistance throughout the process – don’t be afraid to reach out to 

At AvePoint, we’re committed to helping partners thrive. The Partner Locator is just one of many services and solutions we offer to help you grow your business; our solution suite includes an array of robust technologies – from access monitoring to provisioning and migration technologies – that help you build a business around securely managing your customers’ collaboration ecosystems. Start fueling your business growth by becoming an AvePoint partner today.

AvePoint is thrilled to be a catalyst in your journey toward greater prosperity and growth. Join us on this transformative path today! 

Yurie Morel is a Partner Program Manager at AvePoint. She empowers partners to maximize their potential by creating a centralized strategy for new and existing channel partners. An alumna of Stony Brook University, Yurie is a recipient of the 2023 CRN Women of the Channel Award, which celebrates women leaders for their exceptional strategic vision, industry leadership, and commitment to channel advocacy.

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