2013 European Webinar Series in English, German, French, and Dutch

Post Date: 01/31/2013
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​Helping more than 10,000 customers around the world, AvePoint understands the importance of speaking the language of our customers. That’s why, starting in 2013, we’re excited to present our Collaboration with Confidence Webinar Series in various languages spoken throughout Europe.

Webinars in English, German, French, and Dutch are scheduled already for the coming two months, and there are more webinars in other languages to come. No matter what language you speak – AvePoint strives to make it easier for you to understand the latest SharePoint technologies and give you more information on our award-winning solutions for SharePoint governance, management, and compliance.

Register for February and March webinars today, and stay tuned to be sure not to miss a webinar in your native language.

To register for following English webinars, please visit our ​​English webinar page:

• Wednesday, February 13: Successful Migration to SharePoint 2013 - Planning Considerations & Migration Strategies
• Wednesday, March 13: Increasing Performance for Microsoft SharePoint Deployments while Reducing Storage Costs

To register for following German webinars, please visit our German webinar page:

• Wednesday, February 13: Erfolgreiche Migration zu SharePoint 2013 - Überlegungen & Strategien
• Wednesday, March 13: Ihre Microsoft® SharePoint® - Performance erhöhen und dabei Speicherkosten senken

To register for following Dutch webinar, please go to our Dutch webinar page:

• Thursday, February 28: Succesvol migreren naar SharePoint 2013 – Plannings overwegingen & Migratie Strategieën

To register for following French webinar, please go to our French webinar page:

• Wednesday, March 27: Utiliser le Cloud dans les déploiements Microsoft SharePoint

We look forward to connecting with you at these webinars and others in the future!

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