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#MSIgnite Session: How to Achieve 90% Microsoft Teams Adoption in Three Months

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Adopting a new piece of software rarely goes smoothly without some professional assistance. Microsoft Teams in particular has a wide range of functionality. It’s a customizable and extensible hub for your team to collaborate in a way that best suits you. With that said, it’s very possible that your users might find Teams’ format a bit difficult to pick up.

In this session Dux teamed up with Kimberley Morrison of Arriva to speak on three major points to help you have a successful adoption. They are:

Step 1: Make It Easy to Do the Right Thing

When it comes to trying to increase adoption of any new technology, making it easy for users to do the right thing is of the utmost importance. The recommendations are specifying the rules of engagement, focus on business scenarios, and enforce and automate governance.

Teams Session 1

Step 2: Ensure Quick Wins

Once you ensure users are doing the right things, ensuring quick wins to boost team morale around adoption is the next step. The key to doing so is by enabling mobility, providing a one-stop shop for everyone in the organization and activating champions.

Some examples of this include doing new activities with less work, facilitating better meetings and showcasing the mobile app to drive usability of Microsoft Teams.

Teams Session 2

Step 3: Facilitate Leadership Buy-In

After the first two steps the final step is ensuring leadership is practicing what it preaches. The key to this is to highlight financial benefits, demonstrate better transparency with end users and expedite organizational agility.

A big key to leadership buy-in is presenting Teams as a collaborative too for everyone, from the top down.

Teams Session 3 Copy

And that’s a wrap on driving 90% Teams adoption in three months!

Teams Session 4

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Spenser Bullock
Spenser Bullock
Spenser Bullock is a former AvePoint Channel Solutions Engineer, focused on enabling partners and their customers to utilize and maximize their Microsoft 365 technology adoption and usage.


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