4 Must-Watch Office 365 Webinars Coming in June

Post Date: 05/27/2019
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Are you on the lookout for reliable Office 365-related content from industry experts this summer? We’ve got you covered.

This June our internal Office 365 experts are going all-out to deliver some relevant content on Microsoft Teams, data management, O365 migration and more. We’ve also teamed up with some of the kind folks at Microsoft for can’t-miss webinar at the end of the month! Keep reading for all the details:

Cloud Governance: Robust Teams Governance + Enhanced Interface. May 30, 11:00 am EST.


Though this isn’t technically coming out in June, we think it’ll still be well worth watching.

Learn how to transcend rigid provisioning and security management by empowering users with self-service IT resources for provisioning, moving or restructuring Microsoft Teams and their content.

Do certain divisions in your organization need more strict provision settings than others?

Do you want to have automated control over the lifecycle of Microsoft Teams and Groups from creation, to auditing and re-certification, through archiving or deletion?

Learn this and more as AvePoint’s Jeffery Thai answers:

  • What settings can be governed at provisioning?
  • To what extent can permissions be automatically managed?
  • How does Cloud Governance handle the archiving and expiration of workspaces?
  • Can Cloud Governance archive expired Teams?
  • What can Cloud Governance control besides provision?
  • And more!

Are you already one of our Cloud Governance customers? Use this webinar as a walkthrough of our brand-new user interface released in March.

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Office 365 All In Now! How To Get There Fast & Crush Shadow IT. June 5, 11:00 am EST.

Has your organization recently moved to Office 365 or do you have a migration planned for later this year?

Are you tired of supporting multiple, redundant cloud office solutions like Dropbox, Box, GSuite and more across the enterprise?

Or worse, are you concerned your organization may be rife with users using unauthorized cloud solutions, potentially creating data leaks or other vulnerabilities?

Our expert speakers will show you how to consolidate in Office 365 and live your best life in the cloud.

Join AvePoint’s Hunter Willis and Edmund White as they go over 4 steps for life in Office 365 including how to:

  • Establish migration framework
  • Make it easy to do the right thing with proactive governance
  • Address business needs and drive sustainable adoption
  • Identify and crush shadow IT

We’ll make sure you know what migration strategy is right for you, the nuances of Office 365 Groups, how to govern Microsoft Teams, earn quick wins and get everyone on the same page.

Change is often met with resistance from end users. If you don’t have a plan for adoption success, you only have a plan to fail.

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Microsoft Teams and Information Management: What You Should Know! June 12, 11:00 am EST.

As the fastest growing business application in Microsoft’s history, more and more data is being generated in and through use of Microsoft Teams.

As a result of its extensibility, there are a lot of places this data can be created and stored, from chats to files saved in a Teams channel.

How can you ensure you’re adequately capturing the information your organization needs to be compliant with internal and external policies?

Join AvePoint’s information management experts Jay Leask and Timothy Boettcher as they show you:

  • How to develop an overall Office 365 information management strategy including better search and audit support capabilities.
  • Microsoft’s newest functionality around retaining Teams Chats. How it can help and some limitations of which you need to be aware.
  • How Teams and SharePoint Online are integrated to give you full management over documents created through use of Teams.
  • How to provision Microsoft Teams to automatically tag documents with appropriate metadata needed to meet records mandates

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office 365

Microsoft Flow has some fantastic capabilities and connections that make it a great tool for automating actions and approvals in Office 365.

Learn successful tips and tricks for user adoption and getting users started with Microsoft Flow!

Do you have power users that would like to get more out of Office 365? Are there teams and departments that could be greatly benefiting from some easy process automation?

Learn this and more as AvePoint’s Hunter Willis and Melissa Hubbard and Jon Levesque answer:

  • What are some common Flow use cases and how to get started
  • How to determine what tasks may be ripe for automation
  • Tips and tricks to using the solution
  • How to backup and govern all the Office 365 data you’re manipulating with Flow
  • Enabling in-place restores with Office 365 Backup maintain GUIDs, so you won’t break your Flows if you do a restore!

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