3 Engaging Office 365 Webinars Every Professional Should Watch

Post Date: 07/26/2019
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Are you looking for accessible Office 365 deep dives but struggle to get through long, complex articles? If the answer is a resounding “Yes!” then this post might be right up your alley.

AvePoint will be presenting three free webinars over the course of the next month that’re well-worth registering for. These will cover everything from Office 365 migration planning, to leak prevention in Microsoft Teams, to the benefits of delegating administration in your Office 365 tenant. And the best part? They’ll all be hosted by recognizable figures in the industry that you can trust.

So check out the options below, register for your favorites, and happy learning!

Planning for Office 365: Managing Content During Your Migration. July 30, 9:00 am EST.

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You’ve beaten your opponent in round one by playing defensively with cloud backup.

Now that your adversary is passed out, join AvePoint Strategic Consultant Wendy Henry to learn more about three essential management combinations and some fancy footwork to achieve your digital transformation KO.

Footwork: Discovery

Arguably the best offensive move you can make when approaching a migration is one of the simplest. Depending on your environment, a native discovery and planning can cost up to 90% of the time of a full migration project.

AvePoint’s Discovery Tool will identify required, relevant, and sensitive content while also flagging customizations to help you understand what data to keep, and what to ditch. All tailored to your specific requirements.

Jab-Cross-Uppercut: Compliant Migration

It’s likely that you have government or industry regulations that you need to adhere to in addition to your company’s own data policies.

Employ a scanning engine to analyze and identify content in countless possible data sources to then perform defined actions against qualifying content such as tagging, moving/archiving, quarantining, redacting, and more.

Jab-Jab-Cross: Restructure

Whether it’s tens, hundreds, or thousands of users, having content live in the same place for several years typically results in items being in the wrong place.

Restructure your content during the execution of your migration so that your new platform is nice and organized once before you’ve settled in.

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Tailoring Microsoft Teams & Delegating Administration in Office 365. August 7, 11:00 am EST.

Government agencies and large private sector organizations frequently have centralized IT departments supporting numerous departments or lines of business with wildly diverse digital workspace needs.

The challenge is they all sit under the same Office 365 tenant and are constrained to the same tenant-wide settings. With native Office 365 functionality, if you disable external sharing for the Department of Transportation you are disabling it for the Department of Education. If you allow Marketing to self-provision a Teams Team you are allowing HR to do it too.

Departments have a different number of users, deal with different sensitivity of information and are overseen by different industry regulations—shouldn’t they have different policies for their digital workspaces in Office 365?

Join AvePoint experts Dux Raymond Sy, John Peluso, and Hunter Willis as they show you how to tailor Office 365 for each department’s needs.

They will also show how IT can lessen their burden by delegating common non-technical tasks such as site approvals to business owners.

Learn how to:

  • Setting up granular rules and policies for different department while ensuring users stay compliant with established governance standards
  • Monitoring all tasks requested and their latest status within SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and Groups
  • Providing a set of services to end-users with defined approval processes such as site collection provisioning, permissions management, etc.
  • Distribute responsibility for performing common tasks to non-admin staff for tasks

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Preventing Data Leaks in Microsoft Teams (and Other Collaboration Systems). August 28, 11:00 am EST.

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Secure Your Systems In Real-Time

Sometimes it can seem like collaboration and data security are on opposite ends of the spectrum—but they don’t have to be.

Microsoft MVP Melissa Hubbard and AvePoint’s Esad Ismailov will show you how to develop a real-time security and privacy compliance system for your collaboration ecosystems whether you need to:

  • Adhere to data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, or emerging regulations
  • Regularly handle PII or other sensitive information; or
  • You just want to protect valuable IP.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 provides amazing data protection tools and we will show you how to create DLP policies, retention labels and other native functionality within the Security and Compliance Center to better secure your environment. We’ll also show you how to extend that protection by:

  • Aggregating incidents including those from 3rd parties
  • Adding human review and workflows for incident management and
  • Track your progress of corrective actions

Yammer and Teams

We will also take a deep dive into two hubs for collaboration in Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Yammer, to demonstrate specific solutions for:

  • Preventing the upload of sensitive information within an inappropriate Team channel
  • Redacting inappropriate content in Yammer chats

Other Collaboration Systems

Not all organizations have the entirety of their organization’s data within the Microsoft ecosystem. We’ll show you how to take similar steps whether your data is in a cloud collaboration system like Dropbox, on-premise, in a file share or who knows where!

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