New Case Study: CD Group Empowers Geographically Dispersed Workers with Microsoft Office 365

Post Date: 06/26/2014
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A technology company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and with an additional office in Denver, CO, CD Group operates its business across the United States and employs remote workers. Approximately 50 percent of the company’s 150 employees telecommute from outside of the CD Group offices. Sharing information using the company’s available technology resources – including local file shares and email – was often a challenge for remote workers, and because of this, employees began to utilize systems not put into place by the company to collaborate. In order to provide a centralized, organized, and company-approved system that would allow all of its workers to collaborate effectively while minimizing IT resources, CD Group engaged AvePoint partner Cloud|AG for a cloud-based solution. Cloud|AG helped CD Group move to Microsoft Office 365 and implemented ServicePoint365, an industry template application developed for Office 365 and managed with DocAve Online from AvePoint. By using Office 365 and ServicePoint365 managed by Cloud|AG with DocAve Online, CD Group was able to:
  • Provide 150 geographically distributed workers centralized access to critical business data and enhanced collaboration abilities in the cloud through Microsoft Office 365 and ServicePoint365
  • Minimize IT effort to manage email and document servers
  • Increase collaboration and information sharing among project team members using Lync Online and ServicePoint365
  • Reduce the possibility of business disruption by restoring lost or deleted documents and sites for end-users within hours – significantly faster than the days or even weeks potentially required by Microsoft
  • Enable management of security settings and permissions across its SharePoint Online environment to meet organizational governance policies
You can learn more about CD Group’s success by reading the entire case study on our website. For more on DocAve Online, please visit the product page on our website. For information on Cloud|AG’s managed services offering, please visit the company’s website.

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