FAQ About Microsoft Teams’ Newest Apps: Lists and Tasks

Post Date: 08/31/2020
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For more on the integration of Lists and Tasks in Microsoft Teams, watch our latest webinar “Supercharge Microsoft Teams with the Newest Apps: Tasks and Lists!

Hey all! After so many of you attended last week’s Tasks and Lists webinar (linked above), it was no surprise that we received a ton of follow-up questions from the audience. To provide further clarity, AvePoint’s own Eddie Lee and I decided to go down the list and answer the best of the bunch. Give them a read and if you have any further questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

When will everyone have the new Microsoft Lists and Tasks applications? 

According to the roadmap, the Microsoft Lists app will be available in Microsoft Teams by the end of September. Microsoft Tasks will be rolling out continuously through organizations through September, but your organization may have it enabled today, so be on the lookout!

Does Tasks replace Microsoft Planner?

Tasks leverages both Planner and To Do in Microsoft Teams and will function as a replacement for Planner as an app in the Teams interface. However, there may be some confusion when searching for it. As Microsoft puts it:

“As we roll out the new Planner experience in Teams desktop, the app name will initially remain Planner. It will then briefly change to Tasks by Planner and To Do. Finally, it’ll be simplified to Tasks. On Teams mobile clients, users will always see the app name as Tasks.”

Here’s what it will look like when you open Planner in Teams:

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Will these new apps be able to interface with Mac OS and iOS?

Yes, these apps will be available for MacOS and iOS and offer the same functionality and experience. Lists is currently in development and will be available by December 2020.

Can you see a flagged Outlook email in Tasks for Teams? If yes, how?

Yes, since Tasks integrates with Microsoft To Do, you can set flagged emails to pop up. To set it up:

  1. Sign into To Do and your Outlook account.
  2. A notification will pop up asking you to show the Flagged Email list.
  3. Agree to connect the two accounts.

microsoft teams

Will there be a Gantt or Kanban view with these new apps?

With the advent of these apps, Microsoft is making it simpler than ever for project managers to create lists and tasks in a view that will make it easier to manage and scope work. Out of the box, there are preset views such as Event and Gallery that can be customized to fit end user needs. Gantt specifically won’t be available with these new offerings, but it’s still available in Microsoft Project.

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Will we be able to link approvals to the item view in Microsoft Teams?

Since Planner is on the backend, you can connect to PowerAutomate to set up an approval flow process for tasks. To learn how to set that up see below:

microsoft teams

Kudos to the Power Users community for providing this resource!

When will existing SharePoint Lists formatted in the calendar view get this UI?

The calendar is getting an updated UI in early 2021, so be on the lookout then for the update!

Can you add subtasks?

When you add a task in the Tasks app in Teams there will be an option to add a checklist to individual tasks. You can also add priority, notes, and due dates.

Can Lists be shared with an outside user?

Yes. If your organization’s permissions enable external access into your tenant, you’ll be able to share Lists with an external user.

What are some unique benefits of using Lists?

Since Lists is a SharePoint object, it can offer more granular permissions, custom views, and SharePoint-specific configuration vs. a traditional Excel file you would need to share with other users. For example, you can set item-level permissions in lists that can grant or deny visibility and responses from other co-workers if something needs to be confidential. You’ll also be able to do things like set custom views and dynamic filters in a cleaner format that’s more accessible and leverageable by end users.

Is there a “list” for asset management?

When it comes to asset management, Lists and Tasks will have options to hold files within them, which will assist asset management.

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