Top 5 AvePoint Cloud Updates for March 2021

Post Date: 03/30/2021
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With March Madness still lingering in the air, we hope your bracket picks delivered and you enjoyed the games! In the spirit of the tourney, here are our expert picks for the top five AvePoint Cloud updates for the month of March.

What’s New in Policies & Insights for Microsoft 365?

With many organizations trending toward external sharing as a solution for managing remote workforces, conferences, and customer engagements, we’ve made external user security and reporting a key focus for this release along with the expansion of tenant-wide policy enforcement. In honor of PI day (we’ve extended the festivities!), we figured

What’s New in Cloud Governance?

Cloud Governance now supports using Microsoft built-in Teams templates with predefined channels, tabs, and apps while creating a new Team.  Plus, we’ve added additional options for you to personalize email settings such as changing banners and branding logos, as well as an option to preview before you send for an improved communication experience.

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What’s New in MyHub?

With many of us now working remotely, MyHub is now available on mobile devices (and it’s just as easy to use as the desktop experience!) If your MyHub is integrated with Cloud Governance, you can now publish prebuilt and purpose-driven hubs with selected workspaces to specific users who match configured criteria such as AAD attributes in the organization.

You’ll be able to easily view, edit, publish, or unpublish the shared hubs from one single pane of glass! Plus, you can now set the MyHub “Home” tab as the default tab when you navigate to MyHub in Teams, so you can quickly and easily jump right in.

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What’s New in Cloud Records?

Improved security and access controls for physical records continue to be a priority, and with this release, you can apply access controls to ensure that only defined users have permission to see, request, and access content. Additionally, you can now choose to opt-in or out of the space management function for physical record containers. Plus, Microsoft 365 users and groups can now be synced to an organization’s Azure AD to achieve access control in Cloud Records – there’s no longer a need to manually add individual users!

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What’s New in Cloud Backup for Salesforce?

If you process information gathering requests such as GDPR, CCPA, and FOIA, you may want to restore based on more than just customer metadata. With this release, you can now export directly from search results in the restore controller based on backup data. Additionally, you can now easily start a recovery job directly through the comparison results when comparing live business environments with backup data.

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