Why Microsoft Syntex and Content AI Are a Match Made in Heaven

Post Date: 10/18/2022
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Today, content is still king—not only in marketing but also in business growth. At this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference, Microsoft saw the need for better content management—especially for organizations that need to sort through years and years’ worth of content and still must deal with the dramatic growth of it over time. This is where Microsoft Syntex and Content AI come into play.

In one of the Ignite 2022 sessions, Microsoft leaders Jeff Teper, Kristen Kamath, and Chris McNulty introduced the value of content AI—enhancing, managing, connecting, and building content at scale—not only in governing content but also in providing agility and efficiency to structure your content to scale your business growth.

Content AI helps put people at the center through the power of accessible content while also keeping critical information secure.

Introducing Microsoft Syntex

With the introduction of Microsoft Syntex, you can harness Content AI right into your workflow and transform your content processes!

Built on SharePoint, Microsoft Syntex introduces a new world of automated content management with these core capabilities. Kristen Kamath, a Microsoft Principal Product Manager, broke down the benefits of Syntex in the session as follows:

  1. Understand and assemble content with tagging, summarization, translation, and auto-assembly.
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  2. Discover and reuse content with AI-powered search, e-signature, and integration into business processes.
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  3. Analyze and protect content throughout its lifecycle with AI-driven security and compliance, backup and restore, and advanced security management.
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Microsoft Collaborative Apps and Platforms President Jeff Teper then introduced Microsoft Syntex’s launch partners (including AvePoint, Adobe, DocuSign, Protiviti, and more) that are working to make Syntex a more holistic content management solution.

With various solutions integrated into Microsoft Syntex—including AvePoint’s award-winning Backup solution, Cloud Records, and Cloud Governance—Microsoft Syntex can deliver security and storage optimization capabilities across your Microsoft environment. These integrations will result in:

  • Library security with a restricted access policy to make sure only your team can review and approve suppliers
  • Admins being able to use data access governance reports to see sites being overshared and change sharing settings to control it
  • The ability to invoke site access review for site owners to attest existing access permissions to their sites
  • Recommendations for clearing up storage by setting up a lifecycle management policy to identify inactive sites or move less critical data to a low-cost, immutable storage tier to free up space
  • Easy recovery from ransomware or deletions for business continuity. Enhanced backup and restore allows the backup of content across Outlook, OneDrive, and SharePoint for a future point-in-time recovery

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Microsoft Syntex Availability

Microsoft Syntex will be available in preview to all Microsoft 365 customers later this year. No additional license is needed to activate Syntex, and once activated, organizations can pay as they go depending on the additional capabilities they’ll be using.

In the session, it was also announced that more advanced capabilities like semantics understanding and natural language processing will be rolling out for Syntex in the coming months, as well as advancements planned for next year. These include:

  • E-signatures for critical transactions
  • New business applications integration
  • Syntex archiving to establish simple rules to move less critical content
  • Advancements for scaling larger data
  • More developer support in 2023

Learn more about this announcement by watching the session or reading our Microsoft Syntex introduction blog post.

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