How to Back Up SharePoint, Planner, AND Project Online (Case Study)

Post Date: 12/11/2020
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Case Study: Acteon

The Challenge

Acteon was an early adopter of Office 365, launching the service in 2014. The company was just as quick to look for a third-party backup solution.

“Right at the start of our Office 365 journey when it became a productive service, we started backing it up,” said Fleming Sabe, head of IT, Acteon. “The decision to leverage a third-party backup tool was relatively straightforward. Microsoft doesn’t offer backup as much as they offer a disaster recovery service.”

The capability to backup at the item level within Office 365 was especially important to Acteon.

“We needed a proper backup that was granular enough to restore individual items such as files, which is the majority of what we backup to meet compliance requirements,” said Sabe.

In the early days, Acteon leveraged DocAve Online Backup, but have since adopted AvePoint’s modern Cloud Backup solution.

The AvePoint Solution

Today Acteon backups all of its SharePoint Online data, and some OneDrive data, three to four times a day.

As a group of companies managing large, sophisticated projects, Acteon also extensively uses and backups both Planner and Project Online. AvePoint is the only third-party backup vendor who can handle these advanced workloads.

“While AvePoint’s ability to backup up Project wasn’t the deciding factor, it did make the decision easier to go with a provider with the most complete offering,” said Sabe.

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Cloud Backup’s ease of use is also a plus for Acteon.

“We like the interface and have received good feedback from the team on it…this version works well,” said Sabe. “We wanted a ‘set it and forget it’ tool that would pick up new content…we didn’t want to have to integrate new site collections and have potential breaking points.”

The Bottom Line

Acteon has repeatedly found value in AvePoint’s backup solutions.

“It’s a combination of elements. There are mandatory requirements in terms of services it backs up and the boxes that need to be ticked, but it’s also about things like how easy and straight forward is it? If the vendor has the right security certificates that give you confidence it is a professional vendor as well” said Sabe.

“You need to take a multi-faceted view of the functional and non-functional elements to find a partner that is a winner in many areas and doesn’t lose in others,” he concluded.

Acteon backing up SharePoint Data, Planner and Project Online with Cloud Backup


UK-based Acteon is a group of global marine and subsea solutions companies serving the renewables, nearshore construction, and oil and gas sectors. They are using Office 365 and have data in Teams and SharePoint Online.

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