How to Back up Terabytes of Critical Data in Office 365 (Case Study)

Post Date: 01/29/2021
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Case Study – DNDi

The Challenge

Data, safety retention, and access are mission-critical for DNDi.

“Once a product is on the market, we need to monitor to ensure there are no side effects,” said Pascal Carpentier, Head of Information Systems, DNDi. “If someone takes the treatment and suffers from serious side effects, the authority of the country conducts an investigation, and we need to have content, studies, and findings in hand.”

Due to the nature of their work, these data need to be backed up and retained for a considerable amount of time.

“All data from clinical trials needs to be kept for a minimum of 25 years after the end of the treatment development,” said Mr. Carpentier.

The rising amount of data being generated, long retention period, spike in Microsoft Teams usage driven by COVID, and storing of video files combined to make storage an issue for DNDi.

“We were struggling with the space and size of our backup storage,” said Mr. Carpentier. “We knew we needed to look at unlimited storage options.”

The AvePoint Solution

DNDi is now leveraging AvePoint Cloud Backup and its unlimited backup option for 517 users across Exchange, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Groups, Microsoft Teams, and Project Online. AvePoint Cloud Backup has turned out to be a better fit than their previous backup vendor.

“We decided to go with AvePoint Cloud Backup because we needed a safe and scalable backup provider to cope with an exploding amount of data. AvePoint unlimited storage was just what we needed,” said Mr. Carpentier.

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“We had a situation with our previous vendor where backups were lost and impossible to retrieve, their product was just not mature enough for Office 365 backup.”

With AvePoint Cloud Backup, DNDi doesn’t have to worry about storage, reliability, or usability.

“The experience with Cloud Backup is great,” said Mr. Carpentier. “It simply works, which brings tremendous peace of mind.”

The Bottom Line

DNDi now has a solution they can trust with the ability to do granular restores at the item level in Office 365.

“We have done about several restores over the past year mostly in Exchange and OneDrive,” said Mr. Carpentier. “It’s been excellent so far.”DNDi is now evaluating AvePoint Cloud Governance and how it can help automate its management of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.”

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Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative 

In 2003, Doctors Without Borders, the World Health Organization/TDR, and five international research institutions founded the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi).

The nonprofit organization discovers, develops, and delivers new treatments for neglected populations around the world, treatments that are affordable, safe, and patient-friendly.

Read the full case study here.

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