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Important Updates to AvePoint Fly Server and Legacy DocAve Migrator

On April 1st, 2023, Microsoft will require additional information when calling the Microsoft 365 high-speed migration API, which will impact customers and partners using our self-hosted migration software: Fly Server and DocAve Migrators.

While our latest software release has implemented this change, we realize those of you running our self-hosted migration software may not be on the latest version. It is important that you review this information to determine if action is required to ensure your solutions maintain full functionality.


Am I required to upgrade?

You will be required to upgrade if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have not received a hotfix that was built specifically for your company (if yes, contact AvePoint technical support for assistance in upgrading)
  • You are doing an active migration
  • Your destination is Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online is not affected)
  • You are using a version of Fly Server before version 4.11, OR
  • You are still using the legacy DocAve Migrator product

* For customers using our SaaS migration product (AvePoint Fly), no action is required

What will happen if I meet these criteria and do not upgrade?

Unfortunately, without this upgrade, your migrations will fail. We strongly encourage you to review the above criteria and act if needed to avoid errors or delays to your project.

Updating your solution will not:

  • Change the interface
  • Alter or damage any data
  • Delay scheduled jobs

The upgrade is simply a back-end fix to accommodate Microsoft’s new requirement.

How can I upgrade?

 Software Link
Fly Server 4.10
Fly Server 4.9
Fly Server 4.8
Fly Server hotfix installation instructions (follow after downloading the appropriate link above)
DocAve Migrator (contact AvePoint support for further assistance)

Once these updates have been deployed, your solution will be upgraded to the latest software, and you should not experience any issues related to Microsoft’s new requirement.

AvePoint is committed to ensuring our customers have access to the latest software to deliver the best performance, security, and reliability possible. Our proactive approach makes certain that no customer should unexpectedly experience disruptions or errors while using our solutions and products.

If you have other questions or experience issues during this process, be sure to reach out to our support team via to address these concerns.

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Bill Duenskie
Bill Duenskie
Bill is AvePoint's Product Strategy Lead.

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