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Hunter’s Highlights: My Top Five Sessions from Microsoft Ignite 2017

As I wrote about earlier, I had a blast at Ignite but definitely didn’t get to see nearly as many sessions as I would have hoped. Most of the great information that received at Ignite has been around Groups and Teams, as well as new functionalities in Office 365 and how all of these relate to the all-important User Adoption/Organizational Change Management.

There are tons of new features and ideas for Groups, Teams and other spaces in Office 365, and it appears as though Microsoft is putting more energy into how they explain new features and their intentions. Additionally, Microsoft is providing IT professionals with more resources to explain these new tools to their end users and implement them.

Our own team here at AvePoint is also hard at work helping IT departments and organizations understand how to not only utilize and get successful adoption around these new tools, but provide new solutions for migration into Office 365 and the management and protection of data once they are in the cloud. This includes tools that increase user adoption, but also more content around simply helping everyone understand what’s going on in the Microsoft world.

For these reasons, as well as the fact that many of the questions we received at our booth revolved around such new features and how to implement them, I have chosen to recommend the following five sessions from Ignite 2017 below:

Groups, and Teams, and Sites! Oh my! The ultimate Office 365 Groups teardown By John Peluso

Embrace Office 365 Groups: Overview and roadmap By Christophe Fiessinger and Shilpa Ranganathan

Microsoft Teams and what you need to know in IT By Dan Stevenson, Jeremy Chapman

Drive successful adoption of Microsoft Teams: By Dan Stevenson, Karuana Gatimu, Amy Straley, Pouneh Kaufman

OneDrive and SharePoint updates powering collaboration in Office 365 By Jeff Teper

So there you have it folks! Another year, another Ignite in the books. I sure enjoyed going for my first time this and look forward to going back. Be sure to check back in for even more content based around Ignite 2017 and more!

Hunter W.
Hunter W.
​Hunter Willis has been in web development, SEO and Social Media marketing for over a decade, and entered the SharePoint space in 2016. Throughout his career he has developed internal collaboration sites, provided technical and strategic advice, and managed solutions for small to large organizations. In addition, Hunter has served as a strategy consultant for many companies and non-profits in the Richmond area.


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