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Top Articles from AvePoint Experts in 2013: Productivity

Our “Top Articles from AvePoint Experts in 2013” continues today with more advice, considerations, and best practices from our team. The series compiles articles from throughout 2013 written by our subject matter experts on some of the most important enterprise collaboration topics. So far we’ve already shared articles on the topics of compliance, governance, infrastructure management, and cloud computing.

For this edition, we focus on the topic of productivity. Read excerpts from articles published this year on the topic and follow the links for more. To learn how AvePoint enables collaboration with confidence even at the end points of collaboration with SharePoint 2013 and Windows 8 apps, be sure to visit our website for more information.

SharePoint Productivity: Apps Aren’t Just for Smart Phones

By Jeremy Thake, AvePoint Vice President of Global Product Innovation and Microsoft SharePoint Most Valuable Professional

We’ve all used an app before at some point in time, whether it was to play a game, read through the news, or find a restaurant to go to. As smart phones and tablets continue their global takeover, there appears to be an app for every little thing that you’d need to get through your daily life. Now you can add apps that help you to do your job better to that list, as enterprise content management platforms like Microsoft SharePoint have become app friendly. To read more of this article, please visit our AIIM expert blog.

Increase Your Organization’s Productivity through Customer Relationship Management

By Terence Orpilla, AvePoint Product Manager

Many businesses today are implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms worldwide to help standardize and track sales progress and productivity. There are many challenges in CRM implementation that center on aligning the CRM process with sales team processes, as well as user adoption or user buy-in. Once these challenges have been overcome, productivity increases tremendously. How? Here are five ways a solid CRM system can increase business productivity. To read more of this article, please visit our AIIM expert blog.

Ensuring Microsoft Office 365 Administration Doesn’t Interfere with Productivity

By Shyam Oza, AvePoint Senior Product Manager

Just because an organization decides to switch to Office 365 doesn’t mean the woes of administration associated with the Microsoft stack magically disappear. Oftentimes, in addition to the reduced and more predictable costs of the cloud, people will switch to Microsoft’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering in order to benefit from a reduced need of “experts” to manage critical infrastructure from bare metal to Virtual Machines as well as components including SQL, Windows Server and IIS. To read more of this article, please visit our AIIM expert blog for part 1 and part 2.

SharePoint Work-Shifting: Collaboration in the Real World

By Dmitry Kagansky, Vice President of Enterprise Applications, Mobility, AvePoint

There’s a great term that I came across recently that describes what is happening, not only within the SharePoint community and user base, but at organisations everywhere. That term is ‘work shifting.’ It implies not only that the work people are doing on a regular basis is changing, but where, when, and how they are doing it is also different. Work shifting also implies that certain burdens are being moved to other people areas, or tools, and nowhere is that more evident than with SharePoint. To read more of this article, please visit SharePoint Pro.

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