Top Articles from AvePoint Experts in 2013: Governance

Post Date: 11/18/2013
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As your 2014 planning continues, we’re back with another edition of “Top Articles from AvePoint Experts in 2013” to share advice, considerations, and best practices from our team. The series compiles articles from throughout 2013 written by our subject matter experts on some of the most important enterprise collaboration topics. We kicked off last week with the topic of compliance.

For this edition, we focus on the topic of governance. Read excerpts from articles published this yearand follow the links for more to help you reassess, plan, and implement your governance initiatives for the coming year. To learn how AvePoint can help you provide Microsoft SharePoint as a service to your business users, be sure to visit our website for more information.

SharePoint Governance: What You Need to Know to Put a Plan Together

By Jeremy Thake, AvePoint Vice President of Global Product Innovation and Microsoft SharePoint Most Valuable Professional

So you’ve got your infrastructure up and running, and your SharePoint deployment is complete. The hard part is over – it’s time to sit back and let your business users go to work, collaborating and sharing data until their hearts are content, right? Think again.

SharePoint is a robust tool, but it’s not a well-oiled machine that can just monitor and run itself with a little help from its users, especially when you can’t trust that your users will always do the appropriate thing. Governance is a fundamental requirement for SharePoint success. To read more of this article, please visit our AIIM expert blog.

SharePoint Governance: How Much Does Your Organization Need and How to Enforce It

By Jeremy Thake

You’ve deployed SharePoint at your organization, and all you keep hearing is how you need a governance plan. I talked about the importance of a solid governance plan in my last post. But where do you even start? Before implementing your governance plan and policies, you need to be able to understand what it takes to enforce it. To read more of this article, please visit our AIIM expert blog.

SharePoint Governance: Putting Your Plan into Action

By Jeremy Thake

The most daunting part of putting together a governance plan may be the step in which you actually attempt to implement it within your organization. You’ve got everything written and planned out on paper, but now it’s time to actually put everything in motion. In order to make SharePoint governance seem more tangible and actionable, organizations can follow a few best practices for governance plan development and implementation, as outlined by AvePoint Director of Client Services Randy Williams in his white paper, “How to Implement an Effective SharePoint Governance Plan”. To read more of this article, please visit our AIIM expert blog.

Governance: Just Another Cog in the Machine?

By Richard Harbridge, Microsoft Partner Technology Strategist

With IT departments tasked with managing people, processes, policies and technical requirements, your organisation’s enterprise collaboration governance policy must be powerful enough to ensure simplified and respected management across all business areas. But how do you put together a successful governance plan that also shows how fundamental IT is to your organisation’s collaboration success? To read more of this article, please visit

Empowering Users via Automation

By Jeremy Thake

You’ve got your Microsoft SharePoint deployment up and running, and your SharePoint Admins have spent countless hours tidying things up to ensure your infrastructure architecture is under control. But there has to be an easier way to keep your SharePoint running at an optimal level without devoting the IT man hours right? Well there is – through automation. To read more of this article, please visit Microsoft’s TechNet UK blog.

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