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Reviving File Shares with AvePoint & Microsoft

This guest post is from Simeon Cathey, Chief Solutions Architect & Founder at VerticalPoint Solutions.

Let’s be honest – at the end of the day, we all just want to get our jobs done (and done well). The vast majority of us are going to do this by any means necessary. While that is great for bottom-line focused business owners, it usually leaves the IT department flummoxed, picking up the pieces we leave behind from an infrastructure and governance perspective.

Knowledge workers will go to great lengths to complete their jobs as quickly as possible. Nothing like putting checks next to items on your to-do list, am I right? Many times, that means accessing files stored in myriad locations to make things happen – a short list includes file shares, local hard drives, emails, and cloud storage.

This has the potential to cause huge issues, especially for organizations using Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 as its enterprise-wide content management system. SharePoint 2010 natively uses Microsoft® SQL® Server to store content, which can become costly and lead to platform performance issues should it become inundated with terabytes of content. In the short-term, our knowledge worker may not be overly concerned with these types of things but, trust me, they will care when they can’t get to what they need.

Avoiding SQL overload leads many organizations to keep documents on file shares, cloud storage, or otherwise – but how can you get a handle on where documents are when you need to get a job done yesterday? With documents stored in multiple places with no rhyme or reason, how can we take full advantage of our SharePoint investment and have all content available through a unified platform, searchable with Microsoft® FAST … the single point of access for all enterprise-wide content?

I have the pleasure of helping you find that answer in our must-attend event later this month in California, “Death of the File Share … As you know it,” including my personal account of the “history of file shares” as well as in-depth presentations from colleagues at Microsoft and AvePoint. Learn how to put all file share content at your users’ fingertips via SharePoint 2010, without the pain and time of migration or unnecessary additional storage costs. One platform, one install, all the business productivity you need.

In January 2012, we’ll be in California spreading the word on how to breathe new life into your file shares – for more information and to register for a location near you, please visit the event webpages below.
· January 24, 2012 – Sacramento, CA
· January 25, 2012 – Mountain View, CA
· January 26, 2012 – San Francisco, CA

Christopher Musico
Christopher Musico
As Senior Director of Content & Communications at AvePoint, Chris is responsible for all external and internal corporate marketing communications. Chris brings more than 15 years of experience to his role at AvePoint, previously holding roles at EisnerAmper, BASF, MetLife and CRM Magazine. Chris received two American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) awards for feature articles on and generational trends.


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