Release Update: Citizen Services 1.3.4

Post Date: 04/15/2018
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“No Activity” Alert

Constituent satisfaction is a top priority for Citizen Services customers. Just think about the frustration you’d feel if you took time to submit a service request only to see it linger without any updates. The more we keep constituents updated, and the faster we resolve their requests, the more satisfied they’ll be. Citizen Services already has SLAs that will raise an escalation if a service request is in danger of breaching the due date, but customers may also want to be notified if a certain period of time has passed without any activity taking place on a service request. For this, we have introduced the “No Activity” alert.

Simply configure a time frame in which activity is expected, and if there aren’t any comments made to the service request or changes in status, notifications will be sent to the Service Owner Group for that service request. This will help ensure that constituents are being contacted and kept up-to-date about their requests, leading to higher levels of satisfaction.

Figure 1: No Activity Notification configuration options.
Figure 1: No Activity Notification configuration options.

Service Request Photo Visibility

In Citizen Services, constituents can submit photos with their service requests to help describe the issue they’re reporting, or the service being requested. Since these service requests may be visible to other users of the Citizen Portal, some customers have asked to limit the visibility of these pictures only to the municipality workers and the constituent who uploaded it. This may limit unintended outcomes such as exposing personally identifiable information. In this release, we provide the option of limiting the visibility of such images to the person who submitted it, and the internal staff.

Stay tuned for more updates. We’re just getting started!


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