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Register, Comment, Post: 3 Ways You Can Become an AvePoint Collaboration Ambassador

What began as an intern project to start a blog focused on our DocAve Software Platform has grown into so much more. In 2011, we launched our first online community at It was a humble beginning, with blog posts from our product team as well as our Co-CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang and a SharePoint-centric discussion forum. In order to give our customers and community members a more convenient and centralized experience, we migrated everything over to the AvePoint Community on our company website where it resides today.

Since its inception a little over three years ago, the Community has grown in the following ways:

  • 4,294 members have joined the Community as of this writing (and counting!)
  • 540 blog posts (including this one) from members of the AvePoint team and partners
  • 651 discussion forum posts on topics including infrastructure management, compliance, data governance, mobility and productivity, and the cloud
  • Exclusive content for members including expert blog posts, discussions with peers and members of our product team, on-demand videos from events, a product knowledge base, email updates on the latest happenings on the site, and more

Now we’re offering you a way to track your progress and gain elite status with the tens of thousands of people who visit our Community every month as you read our articles, comment on our blogs, and post on our discussion forums.

Community Ranks

Starting today, as you post on the discussion forum and comment on blog posts, you’ll see a small badge underneath your name and avatar. This tells you your rank in the Community, and as you continue to engage with your fellow members, you’ll see that you’ll gain new badges and increase in rank as your impact grows.

The Community ranks are:

Collaboration Enthusiast BadgeCollaboration Enthusiast (0-200 points): Everybody has to start somewhere! You’ve joined our community because you have an interest in enterprise collaboration in its many forms and we’re glad to have you here. Start engaging and you’ll be on your way up in no time!

Collaboration Rising Star BadgeCollaboration Rising Star (200-300 points): You’re well on your way! You’re interacting, sharing opinions, asking questions, and starting to have a real presence in the Community. Keep at it and you’ll soon rise to the next level of influence!

Collaboration Hot Shot BadgeCollaboration Hot Shot (300-400 points): Look at you, hot shot! Your influence continues to grow throughout the community and your value to the site is undeniable. Don’t let it go to your head just yet, though – you’ve still got two more levels to go!

Collaboration Champion BadgeCollaboration Champion (400-500 points): You’ve reached the penultimate level as a member of the AvePoint Community! You are truly an influencer at this point – one whose thoughts and opinions are known across the site. At this rate, you’ll have your crown in no time!

Collaboration Ambassador BadgeCollaboration Ambassador (500+ points): You’ve done it! You’re now AvePoint Community royalty, and you’ve earned your crown. Take pride in your status – your input is highly regarded and influential throughout the Community.

Additional Badges

Beyond the standard rankings, you’ll see a few other badges as you explore the Community. This is what they mean: Original Original: This is a special badge for those who have been on the community since it was hosted on If you have one, it will stay with you no matter what rank you achieve on the community as our way of saying thanks for being a legacy member of the site.

AvePoint Employee BadgeAvePoint Employee: This badge indicates a member of the AvePoint team. If you see this badge and rank associated with someone’s post on the Community, it’s coming from someone who represents AvePoint.

How to Earn Points

So how do you move up in rank? Simple! Engage and interact with your fellow community members. Ask a question on our discussion forum, or join a conversation with a fellow member while you’re there. Add your own two cents to a blog post you found particularly interesting. These are just a few of the ways to earn points. The breakdown of the point system looks like this:

  • For registering as a member of our Community, we give you 100 points. This is our way of saying thanks for joining us and giving you a head start as a new member.
  • For commenting on a blog post, we give you 50 points. We encourage you to comment on any of our posts to ask questions or share your own point of view and reaction to the topic.
  • For posting on our Discussion board, we give you 20 points. This is your chance to interact not only with fellow AvePoint users, but also the minds behind our products.

We look forward to engaging with you and watching you grow on our community! Already a member? Simply log in and start posting to see how you rank. Not a member yet? We’d love to have you! You’re only a quick, painless, and free registration away from joining our community.

Franklin T.
Franklin T.
In his former role as Director of Communications, Franklin was responsible for increasing brand awareness across all AvePoint's digital properties.


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