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New Case Study: CMC Biologics

​Many organizations approach AvePoint to solve Microsoft SharePoint challenges after deploying and using the platform for quite some time. However, others reach out to AvePoint before SharePoint is deployed in order to avoid potential challenges from the outset. No matter how mature an organization is in its use of SharePoint, AvePoint is here to help.

A contract biopharmaceutical manufacturing and development organization located in Bothell, WA, CMC Biologics is a case of the latter. Preparing to implement SharePoint 2010 to improve collaboration across the business and build its corporate intranet site, CMC administrators learned that recovering lost or deleted files might pose a challenge to the business, as SharePoint’s native abilities would require a full database restore. With 300 gigabytes (GB) of legacy business data residing in its file shares, a full database restore could take as long as eight hours if the content was stored in SharePoint. In order to avoid this problem altogether, the DocAve Software Platform was the chosen solution.

With DocAve, CMC Biologics was able to:

• Access 300 GB of file share content through SharePoint without the need to migrate data into SharePoint’s content database

• Recover lost and deleted content for end-users in 15 minutes with file system’s capabilities, as opposed to SharePoint native restore abilities, which would have required more than eight hours to perform a full database restore

• Deliver 20 customized SharePoint libraries for end-users to access file share content and help with platform adoption

To learn more about how CMC Biologics realized SharePoint success with DocAve, read the new case study.

Franklin T.
Franklin T.
In his former role as Director of Communications, Franklin was responsible for increasing brand awareness across all AvePoint's digital properties.


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