New Case Study: Central Institute of Technology Gives Students Centralized Access to Learning Resources through SharePoint and File Share Integration

Post Date: 11/10/2014
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One of Australia’s largest training institutes, Central Institute of Technology trains more than 29,000 students annually. As with most educational institutions, it was important for Central to provide students with the resources and technology to offer the best possible experience and facilitate learning. Through a survey, Central learned that one of the top requirements for students was easy, 24/7 access to class lecturer notes, presentations, hand-outs, and other relevant academic materials in digital form.

Central began to investigate ways to use Microsoft SharePoint – which was already utilized for the company intranet – to create a new Learning Resources environment. With the potential for more than 100,000 files – including Word documents and PDFs – to be stored in the new repository, Central administrators were concerned that storing the data directly within SharePoint would not be feasible, as it could dramatically increase storage on SharePoint’s SQL Server content database, causing a significant increase in expenses as well.

After researching and working with AvePoint Partner NEC Australia, Central found the best solution to this challenge was enabling SharePoint and file share integration with AvePoint’s DocAve Connector. DocAve Connector allows organizations to present and manage file share documents and content directly in SharePoint without migration. With DocAve Connecter, Central was able to:

  • Provide online access more than 100,000 documents in SharePoint while storing all data in file shares
  • Reduce campus-wide printing expenses by approximately 10 percent by enabling students to access lecture notes, presentations, and other documents online through SharePoint
  • Connect SharePoint to multiple terabytes of data in file shares while keeping total storage within Microsoft’s recommended content database limits, avoiding the need to purchase extra Microsoft SQL Server storage

You can learn more about Central’s success by reading the entire case study.

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