My Second Week as an AvePoint Intern

Post Date: 06/15/2012
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Monday blues – that’s what they call them, right? I didn’t experience this at the beginning of my week this time around – I was genuinely happy to be in the office. Sure, there are plenty of things I still need to learn, but I was ready to expand my mind during the second week of my AvePoint internship. After quickly catching up with my colleagues in the office and finding out what everyone did over the weekend, we started our day with a call with the AvePoint Marketing team. With the three of us interns sitting in anticipation of what the meeting would entail, we listened as each member of the department explained what their major work initiatives were for the upcoming week. By listening to each person run through their tasks, it helped me in two ways: First, I realized just how much work is accomplished on a day-to-day basis, and second, I was able to begin putting the pieces together and realize how everyone’s disparate tasks come together to complete larger projects. Later on, I listened in on a case study interview being conducted by Franklin Teagle, AvePoint Social Media & Customer Evidence Manager. I was impressed to hear firsthand the positive experiences a real-world customer has with AvePoint’s DocAve Software Platform. The ease of use DocAve provides to its customers is one of the things that I believe brings AvePoint’s success to light. Then, the Marketing Department interns had the pleasure of having lunch with our fellow colleagues. (Being in this department definitely has its perks!) It was nice having a chance to speak with each other and learn more about our lives outside of the conventional office setting. As you may have heard, on Tuesday we officially introduced AvePoint’s newest product, DocAve Governance Automation for SharePoint. As we participated in a company-wide briefing on the product, it was another concrete example for me that we are not merely “interns” here at AvePoint – we’re actually integrated and feel as though we’re part of the team. There are companies out that promise an internship experience like none other, only find that things couldn’t be furthest from the truth. So far, my experience with AvePoint has not disappointed. With my second week coming to an end, I look forward to what the rest of this journey has in store for me. Stay tuned for more!

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